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Whether you are harvesting through John Deere or a Case IH combine method, combine Concaves plays a vital role in the quality of your harvesting. Combine concaves play two important functions that are threshing and separating. It takes lots of time in nurturing your crops from sowing to harvesting combine concaves will going to be the best way for harvesting.

It gives hugely the best performance. It’s all part is engineered with purpose. According to crops combine concaves works it will best for wheat, barley, small grains, rice, etc.

Purpose of Combine concave:

The main purpose of combine concave is threshing it frees the seeds from the plants. After that, the separation process works it removes out seeds from the chaff. It saves lots of your time by giving the accomplished works in return. It filters out the grain.

Combine concave is an indispensable part of a combine harvester.

• Combine concave crop harvesting process:

combine part John Deere

All the crops planted in the farms, like rice, wheat, and barley consist of three main parts:

Grain – the seeds located at the top; Chaff – the seeds’ dry coatings; and Stalk – the overall stem of the plant. However, we all know that not all the parts are edible. Only the grain can be collected for use in bread and cereal production, which is edible. The other two – chaff and stalk – have to be flashed out.

In the process of crop harvesting, then our final goal is to separate and get the grain out of its stalk and chaff. These are called threshing and winnowing (separation).

Through the help of combine concave (together with the rotating cylinder and other components in the combine harvester), threshing and winnowing can be automatically carried out. After the process, usable grains (separated from chaff and stalk) are loaded into the grain tank.

Why only combine concaves and its works:


After examining all the available options you can get the best performance from your combine. It threshes out all the unwanted parts from the crops and gives only the edible parts. Combine concaves are engineered with superior technology to thresh better, it cleans out better and gives you the best what you harvest.

In these Combine concaves, Friction works in the rotating cylinder, the incoming crop, and the incoming results are the desired output of your works. The clearance gets squashed out by the cylinder and the concave is adjustable. It only takes less time and some experience to know how all the functions in the combined concaves works and know all its factors.

Uses of combine concaves:

Throughout the overall process of farming, we need various equipment to fasten up your work. If machines will not be there then it will be going to be so costly for human labor and it is time taking also then use of combined concaves and much more equipment can make your works best.

Combine concave is the innovative equipment that can be used for is used for three different types of harvesting that are reaping, threshing, and winnowing.