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Working hard on handpicking the latest technology for farming is a very important procedure. The more you look for your tractor’s best concave system, it’s evident you will get more yield at the end of the year. For better results on your farming, you must use XPR 2 Concaves, a new addition in the farming technology.

About XPR 2 Concave System:

If you are working on producing surplus grain yields like wheat, beans, or pulse-based agricultural produce, then the XPR 2 Concave system is the best option for your tractor. It has been tested in various labs around the world to be 100% effective in diverse agricultural conditions, and it will help you cover more surface area to thresh the smallest grains. It is made of the best quality metal and has an unparalleled performance compared with other conventional agricultural threshing devices.

Features of XPR 2 Concave

Before choosing a high-quality metallic concave with mindboggling functions, it is advisable that you get to know about the salient features of the XPR 2 Concave. As said earlier, it can harvest the smallest of grains in the fields, much more effectively than smaller wires and bars. You would not even have to check for the grains physically in the areas.

There are different cover plates for the XPR 2 Concave system. Whenever you are threshing crops with bigger grains, you just have to add the perforated covers so that your threshing job becomes more comfortable.

When you are using the XPR 2 Concave, you do not have to worry about the increase of load on your tractor. In spite of adding the concave, your tractor will operate at an increased horsepower of 20-35%. The threshing capacity will also increase up to 70%. By adding this concave, you will see improvement both in the yielding ability and your tractor’s speed.

The XPR 2 Concave can be operated on any type of tractor. If you plan to change or upgrade your tractor, you do not have to worry about changing your current concave system. It will work properly on all types of models of tractors.

Buy XPR 2 Concave for Better Results

Now that you know all about the recent updated XPR 2 Concaves, it is time that you select the best. The system is waiting to get patented and is already proven to be much more useful than all other conventional agricultural concave systems. It also works smoothly on all kinds of tractors and all types of terrains. So, it will be a wise choice to select the all-new XPR 2 Concave.


The central part of agriculture is to yield more crops in the least time possible. More plants produced in a year mean more profit. Use XPR 2 Concave System for a whole new experience in farming and harvesting your crops and forget all the physical tolls of agriculture.