Building A House: The 8 Mistakes To Avoid

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Building a house is often the project of a lifetime. To make sure you enjoy this real estate adventure with complete peace of mind, we, here, present to you the 8 pitfalls and mistakes you should absolutely avoid!

1. Mistake number 1 to avoid when building a Home: buying the land without inquiring

As the first step in your real estate adventure, the choice of your land must be carefully considered. Following are some of the criteria you should be taking into account:

Building: choosing the ideal location?

Beyond the proximity of shops, schools, or transport which will be useful to you on a daily basis, also remember to check that your land is not in a flood zone or even seismic.

Its environment: be careful to also look closely at what is going on around your future home. For example, the proximity of historical monuments to your building may lead to some architectural constraints. Adding some antique furniture can bring a glance to your home. If you were considering having a log cabin built, this might not be possible!

How is it?

Its connection: if your land is not connected to the various networks (drinking water, electricity, etc.), the additional cost to be expected is substantial. Don’t overlook this element!

Its nature: which is not without impact on the cost of your future accommodation! A very clayey soil, for example, may require the implementation of specific techniques for the foundations, thus entailing an additional cost. If in doubt, have a soil survey was done that will tell you everything you want to know about your land, and much more.

Ask for advice and advice

For all these questions, check with the town hall, but also with your future neighbors, who can alert you to the risks and potential inconveniences.

2. Mistake number 2 to avoid when having a building: having too strong an idea about the plans of your house

Build Your Home

It may seem easy today to imagine and design the plans of your house yourself thanks to the many examples or design software available on the internet. But it’s a real job and this part should not be underestimated!

Pay attention to the orientation of your future home

Indeed, poorly thought out orientation or layout can affect your comfort. And it can also have an impact on your energy bills. Because even if the view is splendid from the north side of your house, installing your living room there is not a good idea!

To avoid mistakes and unpleasant surprises, prefer to call on the services of a professional (builder, project manager, or architect): they have all the skills to help you design the house of your dreams!

3. Mistake number 3 to avoid when building a building: not anticipating the future

You are obviously looking to build a house that suits you and meets your current needs. But be careful not to forget your future needs!

Build: Well think your night spaces

If you plan to expand your family in the years to come, without planning enough additional bedrooms, you could quickly feel cramped in your brand new home …

If you plan to grow old there, also think about “accessibility” and anticipate the creation of a sleeping area on the ground floor. You won’t always have your calves of steel!

4. Mistake number 4 to avoid when building: wanting to save on the quality of materials

House To Build Yourself

Even if your budget needs to be kept under control, do the right calculations. This is the future place that will be there with you for life long. It is a long-term investment, and therefore, you should not underestimate the importance of the materials you use to build it! In fact, you are investing in the future, so rely on quality materials, more expensive to buy, but more durable, more efficient, and easier to maintain.

Think that you will soon regret this first price floating floor, which will deteriorate too quickly.

5. Mistake number 5 to avoid when building: ignore ecology

No, just because you will soon be living in a splendid house with certified energy and thermal performance does not mean that you have to ignore the many types of equipment using renewable energies in your home. Solar, geothermal, wind … If the basic investment is not negligible, the savings on your future energy bills are not either!

6. Mistake number 6 to avoid when building: Do not visit the site

You have signed with trusted professionals, offering all the necessary guarantees. However, this should not exempt you from making site visits. Take advantage of these visits to appreciate the progress of your house, take pictures (which you will use later to constitute your album), take stock of the schedule, and point out certain finishes.

Prevent before any passage

Be careful, however, you are not free to do anything. Site visits are in fact regulated and must be planned in your contract. Do you want to make an unplanned visit? You must inform the professionals in charge of your construction.

7. Mistake number 7 to avoid when building: underestimating the budget

This is one of the main pitfalls of house building. Don’t be overly optimistic when it comes to budgeting! Even if your project seems tied up and the professional who accompanies you reassured you when signing the contract, a project often holds many surprises. Remember to keep a small safety margin, in order to overcome any unforeseen circumstances.

8. Mistake number 8 to avoid when building: embarking on self-construction lightly

home construction


Very popular, especially among those looking for an alternative habitat, self-construction is an even more ambitious project than building a house. You are then the sole guarantor of the successful completion of your future home and you must be ready to take on all hats: architect, project manager, worker … Heavy responsibilities which require energy, courage, tenacity, and also knowledge – to do!

Before you start, take the time to properly design your project and ask yourself the right questions so as not to risk finding yourself at a standstill 5 years after pouring your slab

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