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Working smart is now possible because of smarter machines and tools available to farmers. It is time to leave the old rustic methods behind and use the latest from one of the finest in the field, XPR 2 Concaves. Though many acknowledge the efficacy of this new concave, one must get a deeper insight into what goes into the technology to truly appreciate it. So, here we are analyzing the wonderful science behind this marvelous offering.

Same Concave for All Crops

If anything, the XPR 2 Concaves has gotten better because of the introduction of new features. Farmers prefer using the concave because of its customary feature that allows them to use the same concave for all crops. This saves the farmer time and effort because they don’t have to remove the concave and use a new one at the end of each harvest. Also, the new concave has 30% more power giving a boost to the harvest drive. More power will help the farmer to get the work done faster.

Better Design Cuts Losses


The cover plates have perforations making it better suited for the harvesting work. Superior threshing occurs due to the better features making the process very efficient. The wear bars remain extended in the new XPR 2 Concaves giving them a longer life. But the feature that touches the heart of the farmers is the way it stops rotor loss. Usually, the loss due to grain dropping to the ground while harvesting amounts to 2-6 bushels for each harvested acre. Another thing the farmer can do is to make maintenance repairs to the harvester before they start harvesting. If there are loose belts or stones trapped in the concave, it can cause imperfect threshing. Cover plates produce a cushioning effect for the grains providing better protection.

Improved Speed of Harvesting

This kind of loss amounted to $15,270 for 500 acres. By stopping this rotor loss, the farmer becomes eligible for a profit of over $30,000 for every 1000 acres. The speed of harvesting has improved now to over 5000 bushels in an hour. Better orientation of the gaps and a good clearance in the new XPR 2 Concaves helps the movement of the grains through the grains. Enough gaps helps the grains move out of the concave without getting crushed. This prevents the splits, cracks, and fines that would occur otherwise.

Higher Capacity Improves Harvesting Efficiency

The capacity of the XPR 2 Concaves has increased. Due to this, it is possible to harvest more grain at one time. Improved capacity helps in decreasing the harvest time making it a more efficient process. The ground speed of the XPR 2 Concaves has improved by 2-3 mph. You will need to spend less time on the field and this is a good thing. The Xtreme Separation Grate is heavier and beefier and capable of better threshing without causing damage to grains. There is no more grinding and plugging get eliminated.

The use of the best technology will help the farmer make more profit. Installing superior concaves helps them achieve more without having to do anything more.