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When you think of concaves you need those that have been specially designed to thresh crops that will not only reduce any chances of rotor loss but at the same time provide enhanced grain Quality to increase your rates of—profit at the end of the day. You must have tried a number of concaves for your combine, or this might be your first purchase, no matter what the case John Deere Combine Settings Soybeans will provide you with such results that you could have only dreamt of. Not only does it come with enhanced features but at the same time, it has been tried and tested on several varieties of crops and has been deemed as one of the best concaves available in the market right now.

Get the Best Features

When it comes to purchasing concaves for your farming needs, it is very important that you pay attention to the features that come with the system. When you are buying the XPR concaves, you will surely have some of the best amenities at your disposal. These features include:

Estes Concaves Basics

Cover plates that are perforated.

• Concaves fit for all varieties of crops.

• Reduction of rotor loss to a bare minimum.

• No need for changing concaves.

• Enhanced ground speed for better function.

• No cracks, fines and splits.

• 70% better capacity.

• More than 5000 bushels per hour.

• Does not need pods or whitecaps.

How XPR Concaves are Better

Every part of the XPR concave has been designed to provide full functionality and at the same time keep your rotors full at all times. The bar has been made explicitly in order to slow the material in order to maximize grain on grain threshing. The concave has been designed to be significantly more open so that as soon as the grain has been threshed, it can be transferred into the augers in the tank and hence prevent overloading. The cover plates have been specifically made to provide a cushioning layer to the grains to complete the threshing process with much success.

How it Works

combine concaves xpr

XPR Concaves are extremely rare and have been designed for threshing like some of the small wire concaves that are available in the market but with way more capacity than a regular round bar concave. The design and construction of these concaves are what sets them apart and makes working with them so much more productive and enjoyable. This is the only concave that is available in the market with the help of which you will be able to thresh not just few but all the grains that you want to. This is truly a product that can be used over and over again while significantly reducing the damage that may be caused to the grains while threshing. Even if the harvesting conditions are moist and not ideal, you will be able to get ahead with this concave by your side.

For the best results in your farming experience, get these XPR concaves now!