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In the realm of the digital ecosystem, smartphones & tablets account for 61% of the total internet usage. In fact, 85% of the applications accessed via mobile devices. More and more, users like to access the digital world using their small devices instead of logging on a desktop.

Concerning the same, the app market has become competitive and lucrative at the same time. Enterprises look for better ways to convert potential users into customers.

One of the trendy ways of improving app user experience and enhancing the conversion rate is using mobile marketing automation. This helps enterprises to better monetize their app model and increase engagement to an optimum extent.

In this post, we will be understanding mobile marketing automation, and its benefits to enhance app conversion rate.

So, without any further adieu. Let’s get started on the same.

Understanding Mobile Marketing Automation (MMA)

Marketing automation is software support for enterprises to set specific rules and templates for seamless communication with users.

It collects their information, segments the users based on specific information, creates communication templates, and personalize the same. Also, MMA defines which segment campaign should go well in the time ahead.

Using the assistance of a conversion rate optimization company, you set the MMA at once and keeps it running to get the desired result.

The purpose of MMA is to know more about users in terms of how they are interacting with the application. And, you take necessary marketing steps to increase conversion and engagement.

Unlike traditional marketing automation that works only for the desktop, it does not enable push notifications & in-app messages. The MMA helps to gather information including but not limited to the user’s location, device, browsing habits, and more.

Additional uses of mobile marketing automation for app conversion:

  • Create user segments
  • Target users with relevant campaigns
  • Set up one or more actions based on user segmentation
  • Send push notifications & in-app messages

Top Advantages

  • Automate User Engagement Campaigns

There is no doubt in the act that every single app user behaves differently. Their in-app journey determines how well they would engage or disengage with the application.

Using mobile marketing automation, you can create a well-defined and conversion app journey for a user.

Create User Segments: At first, you have to create a specific user segment based on the positive and the negative experience they had with the application. Positive is something you already know. However, a negative experience means when users did not take favorable action on the application.

For negative especially, remind the app users to perform the following few incomplete actions:

  • Finish the account setup, if they have not done it for the past few days.
  • Log in to sync the data with the application.
  • Start the first session, if they have not done anything on the application.
  • Send an invite to their friends.
  • Deliver Personalized Experiences

The personalized message on the app holds true importance in terms of increasing the app conversion experience. A contextual and relevant in-app personalized message will likely get more visitors to your app.

You can make the best use of social behavioral attitude, devices, and custom properties to ensure relevant messages are being sent.

Lets’ understand this by taking an example.

Suppose, if you have an app user, who made a purchase on the application a few days back. Post which, he/she did not make any purchases. Now, you have an option to send a personalized message on the application using mobile marketing automation.

The message could be of offering a discount on new purchases, deals, and other related coupons to grab the user’s attention.

Remember, all such messages are easy to send automatically using the MMA model technique.

  • Automate Multi-Channel Communication

Keeping users engaged with your app is essential to see maximum conversion. Multi-channel user engagement activity is one way of reaching a user in different ways.

In this sphere also, mobile marketing automation can help you reach out to the user in different like the following:

  • Push notifications
  • Custom delivery
  • User properties with auto-pilot

It makes the best use of individual behavior to trigger the timely campaigns and hit the right where you wanted it.

  • Re-Engage Inactive Users

As the segmentation of active users, marketing automation further helps you segmenting inactive app users as well. This helps you set up customized conversion rate campaigns to win back them before they go away.

Using this technique, you can target customers who have not opened your app, let’s just say for more than a week or less. Using automation, you can send reminders to your inactive users by way of offering special deals or discounts.

Ultimately, you would end up catching the attention of users and increase the chances of conversion.


If you are looking for a result-oriented service of conversion rate optimization in India, then do include mobile marketing automation techniques. It helps to automatically target the active and inactive users when your database grows. It further helps you retain your users and convert them appropriately for a long-lasting time.