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When it comes to the classic muscle cars, men just drool over them as they are passionate. These cars are sassy and represent class and elegance. Classic muscle car is the real love of a gentleman.

No matter how advanced our choices have become but no one can just ever fall out of love with the classic things. And when it comes to the classic muscle cars, guys just drool over them because they are unlike the present generation’s move on choices. We all know about the ancient love stories that were true and passionate. Similarly, vintage cars were the first love of the men which cannot be replaced by any SUV, Sedan or a Lamborghini. Majority of the Americans have not got over the love of classic muscle cars. This is why I thought of exploring the reasons behind loving the old cars while having too many better options in the modern world of cars.


Old is gold but not to forget it is sassier too. The vintage cars shine out of the crowd even if there are BMWs and Audis all over. If vintage car is your ride, you will eventually be the showstopper on the road. Classic muscle cars are a symbol of class and elegance.


A boy would prefer a racing car but a gentleman would prefer a vintage car without any doubts. Vintage cars are made of the more powerful engines and hence are considered more masculine.

Lamborghini - Muscle Cars


Guys love to explore the vintage beauties. It lets them distract their minds and is one of the distressing techniques in their routine lives.


Muscle cars are undoubtedly the kick-ass cars that are one of the key factors that determine a powerful personality of a man. Nobody would mess with the person who owns the kick-ass muscle car.


Unbalanced power made the muscle cars scary and speedy. It requires a lot of practice to have control over them to be in a straight line over the road. Changing gears is a very difficult and masculine task in muscle cars.

Out of all the vintage cars, there are apparently a few that are the most loved ones.

1. 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra:

This is one heck of a vintage car that is worth spending thousands of dollars. The heads are going to turn around your way and that is guaranteed.

2. 1961 Jaguar E-Type:

The Jaguar name is enough to woo all the girls and this can surely not be missed by any damn person in the world. Even Enzo Ferrari referred it as the most beautiful car ever made.

1961 Jaguar E-Type

3. 1969 Maserati Ghibli 4.7:

With the sharp sharked nose, Ghibli is one dream that every man wants to be true.


4. 1964 Aston MartinDB5:

This is clearly the choice of The Bond. I think this reason is enough for you to fall for DB5. And if not, just look at this beauty.

5. 1969 Dodge Charger:

This is my personal favorite as it has been featured in many of the TV serials and blockbuster movies. This is the most popular car among men. Even my 5 year old nephew has a dream of buying a Dodge Charger.


Well, this was all about the vintage cars and love. If you still do not connect well with the classic muscle cars, I think you are not fully masculine yet. Just Kidding, I bet no man can hate these beauties cum beasts.

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