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When it comes to buy a classy pair of sports shoes, almost all the men think of Adidas. Adidas is the top athletic brand till date. All men and boys prefer to buy Adidas Superstar shoes over other shoes.

No doubt, everybody thinks of Adidas when they decide to buy a durable and sexy pair of sports shoes. Adidas is the best athletic brand till date but have you ever wondered which Adidas shoes are the best? Well the majority knows it really well and that is why they prefer to buy the Adidas Superstar shoes over all other sneakers. If you don’t own a pair of Adidas Superstar shoes, trust me you are missing out on something very classy in your look. Being a unisex sneaker pair, Adidas Superstar is fit for both girls and boys. Thank God! It is not gender biased at least.

So, girls you can wear your boyfriend’s pair too but if he has the same size. Oops! He has a bigger size but that’s okay you must buy one for yourself. And then you can set up relationship goals with the matching pair of Adidas Superstar shoes. Are you single? No worries, Superstar shoes are there to fill all the blank spaces in your life. Perhaps, they help you get lucky to find love of your life. No wonder, why the Adidas Superstar shoes are called Superstar.

Why most of people prefer Adidas Superstar shoes over other?

Are you serious? I mean, I just gave you so much to fall for this nonpareil pair of unisex sneakers. Just look at this irresistible pair of white shoes, do you need a reason to buy this? Okay let’s not get carried away by the looks for a minute, though it is hard. Let us dig deeper into the beauty and find the true SOLE of the Superstar shoes (if you know what I mean).

All time Favorite adidas shoes

1. OLD IS GOLD: Adidas Superstar shoes are not just yesterday’s or today’s trend. It has been here since ages and I can bet that it is going to stay for ages too. This pair can never go out of trend and this adds a tinge of retro to your modern attires.

2. WEAR THEM WITH ANYTHING OR ALONE: Girls alert, Adidas Superstar sneakers just go with every damn outfit you have in your closet. For that matter, you can wear them alone too. No kidding though because nobody is going to look elsewhere but your shoes.

3. EXTRA COMFORT: Everybody is competing in the race of the world and admit it you cannot win the race wearing those heels trying to maintain your body postures all the way. Get this Superstar shoe pair to run comfortably in the race of life. Hold on, you do not need to get a separate pair to celebrate the success of your race, because the Superstar is all you need. The race just got classier.

4. SEXY AND WE KNOW IT: Okay I just could not control more so here is the absolute fact that I have been mentioning. Adidas Superstar shoes are sexy and you ought to buy these if you have not.

How to properly clean Adidas Superstar Shoe?

I am glad you made your mind to buy the Superstar shoe, welcome to the Superstar club. First impressions are important but maintaining those is more important. The best white sneakers would obviously need that extra care and love from you. You might forget but your pocket would not forget about the big sacrifice it has made for you. Therefore, you need to follow some tips to clean Adidas Superstar shoe pair:

• Every time you wear them out, follow these steps to maintain their grace and yours too:

o Take a bowl of water and add a few drops of liquid detergent in it.
o Dampen the cloth in that water. Just make sure you do not soak it completely.
o Wipe the dirt and spots off because there is no place for them.
o If you still see dirt spots, repeat the process until they are gone. Be gentle though.
o Let the sneakers be air dry.
o Cover them with a shoe polish to take care of the leather on it.

Addidas Superstar Shoes

• If you have smelly feet, sneakers do not need to suffer. Here is a guide to remove odor from your Superstar shoes:

o Pick up a newspaper and crumple it into a ball. Put it inside the shoe so that it can absorb all the moisture. Finally the newspaper has been used.
o Run to your kitchen and get the baking soda. Sprinkle it inside the shoe and leave it overnight.
o Place your shoes in the freezer for two hours. Just don’t let your mother see it.
o Place the orange peels inside the shoe overnight and the odor vanishes.

• Then there are some stubborn marks on the scuffs that do not want to leave your Superstar shoes just like you don’t want to. Little they know that such things are not meant to be shared. Yes, you can remove them too and here is how:

o Squeeze your white toothpaste on a cloth and wipe away the marks like a boss.
o Mix baking soda with water and scrub the scuffs vigorously until you see the dirt finally going.
o Pencil eraser can help you in removing the dirt from the scuffs too.
o Dab a cloth into petroleum jelly to make it greasy and then rub on the shoes to remove all the dirt.

Wish you a happy Superstar shoe experience.

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