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Men’s completion has a lot do with their hairstyles. There are several factors that perfectly determine your best suited hair style. The first one is your skin completion. So, there are numerous hairstyles…

No, I am not a racist but dude your complexion has a lot to do with your hair style. There are many factors that determine your best suited hair style. One of these factors is obviously your skin complexion. So, we have got a list of best black men hair styles but you got to thank me later. From short to long hair, I have given the best hairstyles for you below:

The Fade Cuts: If you have short hair, you can easily have the fade cut. It gives you a 80s look which makes you stylish. There can be many types of fade cut too. A box fade cut will give you a sharp look while a wavy fade will make you look casually unique.

Fade Cuts HairStyle

Clear Cuts: Clear cuts are about maintaining a thin line between no hair and some hair. Clear cuts never go out of style. But be careful, this hairstyle does not suit every face shape. If you have an oblong face then you can opt for this look.

Buzz Cuts: Easy to maintain, buzz cuts are meant for men who are very busy in their profession. Just brush it up and you are ready to go. If it’s simple, it doesn’t mean it is not presentable. It looks great and classy too.

No hair: Bald is sexy and we know it. If you can carry a bald head with confidence then trust me there is no other hairstyle better than the shaved head. All you need is no hair and you are done. This can be risky so make sure if it suits your face shape well.

Afros: The afro cuts can be done on any hair length. These keep your hair the natural curly look. Afro Cuts are mostly for people who like longer hair but these can make you look good in the entire process of growing hair. You can also taper the afro cuts if you want to look stylish without much efforts.


Twist in the hair: If you have medium hair length then you can twist them up in style. Dividing the hair in 4 portions, applying pomade on them and then twisting each portion. This one is not messy and you can step out in style.

Keep it that way: Thick curly hair are difficult to style and look the best when left as it. You will still turn heads around you because this is the natural look.

Natural Quiff: The quiff will look best if you style it with some pomade. You can shape it according your face shape and you will rock.

Dread Locks: If you want that look from the Pirates of the Caribbean, then you need to be more patient. It would take months or maybe years to grow those sexy dread locks. But it is worth the wait and none can beat it.


Medium curls: Let the curls grow naturally until they reach the shoulder length. Keep them lustrous with regular oiling. These look best when left open but you can also tie them the way you like.

Tying the dread locks: You can use a band to tie the dread locks behind. You can also shave the sides and tie your dread locks in the middle giving it some height.

These are the most common ways to style your hair. You can also mix and match two styles. The end point is that you are going to choose because you are going to carry the look. Therefore, choose the best black men hairstyle from the above given options.

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