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Perfumes are a vital part of an individual’s personality and image. When it comes to buy a perfume for yourself, you must consider few important things. You should try to test it by spraying it on your wrist.

The best compliment one can ever get is, “You smell heavenly”. Perfumes are an important part of an individual’s personality. Signature smells are remembered by people in their sub-conscious mind. They can recognize you from the smell that you wear. Sadly many people still don’t wear cologne because they don’t have a reason. Well, I have many and using them you can convince your dear ones to wear nice cologne.

Why cologne?

1. Our sense of smelling is more powerful. A person who smells good is always considered better than the others.
2. It adds confidence to your personality.
3. The opposite sex gets attracted easily while you smell good.
4. Smelling good can help you make deeper and long-term relations.
5. A nice fragrance always helps in melting the anger. Next time your girlfriend/boyfriend is mad at you, just spray a nice fragrance and then let it do the rest.

Many of the people think that all perfumes and colognes are same. But that is not the case because there are different types of fragrances and they are:

1. Eau Fraiche: You might not have heard of this word before but this is the most diluted form of perfume. This usually lasts only an hour or less.

2. Cologne: This is commonly used by men and has 2-3% of perfume oils. This can last upto 2 hours or so.

3. Toilette: It has a 5-15% of perfume oil and it lasts for almost 3 hours.

4. Perfume: It is a widely used term for the fragrances for both men and women. Since it has 20% of perfume oils, it can last upto 8 hours.

5. Parfum: This is the most concentrated and expensive perfume you can buy. The elite people commonly wear perfumes and just a single spray can last upto 24 hours.


How to test a perfume?

When you go to buy the perfume for yourself, you must have the following things in mind:

• Try spraying the scent on each wrist once.

• Do not fall for the fragrances on the cards. They always differ from how they actually smell when sprayed on your body.

• Do not smell all the perfumes in a row. Have a break of coffee or tea to refresh the palate.

• Smell the scent after intervals because it might change after few hours. So, maybe you can spray the scent and roam around in mall for a bit. Then choose your winner perfume.

There are certain things that one should keep in mind while buying a perfume. To help you choose and buy cologne that suits your personality, here are some tips:

1. Know your body musk: It is important to know your natural body smell. This way you can choose the perfume that can go along with it. Otherwise you will end up smelling like a rotten fruit.

2. Nobody but you: Only you can decide the scent that you want to wear. Nobody else can help you find your appropriate scent.

3. Majority can be correct: If you know that many of the people have remarked your choice of scent to be poor, then it is time to change and try something new.

4. Spray on the skin: Hold the bottle 3-6 inches away from the skin and press it gently.

5. Spray on the warmer skin: The warmth will push the scent outwards and you will smell heavenly.

6. Don’t spray on the clothes: You should never spray the perfume on your clothes.

7. Don’t overdo: Excess of everything is bad and it surely is in case of over spraying of perfumes.

8. No rubbing: Many of you might think that rubbing the scent with the wrists may enhance the fragrance. I am sorry to tell you that it actually makes the scent weaker.

Go find out your signature fragrance. I can guarantee that you will form deeper bonds with the right smell on you.

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