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Guys typically ignore their personal care and it generally includes hair. It is imperative to have the right hairstyle. Proper styling tips must be followed to rock your look. Be sure to get a smart hair cut to define your style….

I am not gender biased but let us just admit for a while that women have too many options to style their hair than men have. But don’t you worry gentlemen because we have got your back now. You will not have to go everywhere with that same boring everyday hairstyle. After reading this article, you would know how to style your hair according to different occasions.

Never forget the absolute tip of hair care which is shampooing and conditioning them well every day. Consider oiling the hair at least once in a week so to prevent the hair damage eventually leading to hair-fall. With a limited number of hair styles, color and products for men’s hair you can still manage to rock the look with the following men’s hair styling tips:


Be very careful when you get your hair cut because this is what you have to carry each day. It should definitely go with your personality or else you will end up looking like another mistake of the barber. While getting the hair cut, you should keep in mind about the styles you can apply to the same for different occasions. With too short hair, there are not many options left to style your hair. Depending upon the length and type of your hair you can go for the following hair cuts:

Straight Hair:

If you have straight hair, many girls would be jealous of you. That being said, you can even look girly with the straight hair if you do not opt for the right hair style. For men’s straight hair style you can have a Prohibition High-and-Tight hair cut. This hair cut has the centre hair long and short hair at both the sides. You can style the hair using the gel to form spikes that will steal the show anywhere you go. Oh, you can also grow your straight hair till they rest on your shoulder. Then you can have a messy and rough guy look. Not to forget it can also let you have a cute ponytail. You can also choose cropped hair which does not need much maintenance but proper combing and hair products are always necessary.


Wavy Hair:

Wavy hairs do not suit everybody but carrying them in a correct manner can get you more attraction than the straight hair look. Pompadour is the classiest hair cut for the men who have curly and wavy hair. For this hair style you require the side hair length to be short but not extra short. You can style your hair with pomade and a comb. Avoid this one if you have thin hair. Well if that is not your style then you can let your hair grow into a wild mess and then you just need to towel dry them. Apply a texture cream to maintain the look throughout.


Always prefer the side burn length that goes with your hairstyle. If you have longer hair, you should stick to the long sideburn and shorter hair would look good with short sideburns. Only the length of your hair does not determine the length of the sideburns but also your face length. Longer the face, longer should be the side burn and vice versa.


Men generally opt for the wrong hair color and believe me this can cost you too much. Cost not in form of money but you can become the next target for all the jokes. So, choose a color that goes with your skin color well. You would not opt for a red hair color if you have a dark skin complexion, would you? Apparently browns and blacks are more suited colors for men. But if you are a teenager or a wannabe rockstar like Zayn Malik you can opt for the weird shades like the celebrities too. Just make sure you can carry it the way they do.


Do not just ignore the hair partitioning at all. It can make or break your entire look. Hair partitioning should be done according to the shape of your face. If you have a rounded face, don’t even think about the middle partition or you will look like a creepy high school baby. To flaunt your jawline, cheekbones in style, part your hair sideways on either of the sides. If you don’t have these too go with the neutral hair with no partitioning but that would require gel on them. Using your hands, you can give a natural and casual look to your hair while partitioning. With a comb you can give a proper structured and sleek look to your hair. It is your pick whatever way you want to style you can choose accordingly.


If you are going for an event then you might want to blow dry your hair. You should not blow dry your hair on regular basis. It reduces the natural moisture of your hair and they become rough and dry. So, you would not want to damage your hair with the excessive blow drying of hair, I suppose.


Do not just choose any random products for your hair. Like I said, hair can make or break your look completely. So settling for anything cheap would mean a cheap look too. Do not use harsh chemical based shampoos and conditioners. Always use a hairspray while it is 6 inches away from your hair. Gels are made of alcohol and you should not use them frequently or they will damage your hair badly.

While these are the tips for styling your hair, you must keep proper care of your hair. Always carry a comb in your wallet so that when you arrive at any place you can comb your hair and reset your look. It is always advised to use natural products rather than the chemical products so you can ask your mother about the home made products to give your hair that extra care just like your mom does for you. Investing on yourself would not harm you in any way so there is no chance of any regrets. Next time you want to style your hair the right way, you know what to do with the above give men’s hair styling tips.

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