Style Secrets Of A Well Suited Booted Man: Which Suit To Choose From?

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Looking for elegant men’s suit styles? For an ideal style, you can try slim fit suits or regular fit suits. Single button suits, two button suits, dinner suits, lounge suits etc are perfect styles for occasions, casual gatherings and interview.

For many years men lived with a perception that dressing for your shape was the concept best left to the females. But, today it holds equal importance for both the genders. I know we have fewer dress options as compared to women but this doesn’t mean we can’t make choices. As suits are not one-size-fits-all so even men have to consider their unique body shapes while shopping for the one. Without a doubt, a suit is globally accepted attire for a guy and absence of it makes his wardrobe incomplete. Therefore, it is important to have that one piece which will hit our bodies in all the right places offering us a flattering and polished look.

A suit is not just another men’s outfit. It is about looking good, showcasing your impeccable style with utmost sophistication. Generally, suits for men are divided into two main categories, the Slim Fit, and the Regular Fit. All other types of men’s suits fall under these two types only. As every guy is born with a unique body, so they must always dress to compliment their figure. If wearing a suit doesn’t give you that suave feeling, then probably you made the wrong pick for your body. Always go by your body statistics while wearing a suit.

For more accurate choice, let’s take a closer look at the two main suit categories:

Slim Fit Suits: They provide tapered and clean cut feel, and is a perfect combination of urban modernity and classic tailoring techniques. They channel a more contemporary silhouette, allowing you to achieve more slim line and overall tapered appeal. An ideal pick for any urban sophisticate who is looking to cast a powerful aura on his surroundings.

Regular Fit Suits: The classically cut regular fit suits incorporate the finest British tailoring techniques and are designed to impart you a traditionally tailored silhouette. In comparison to slim fit suits, the regular fits are more generous across the chest and shoulders and form the perfect choice for broader men.

Now it’s time to explore the different types of men’s suits for different occasions:

Single Button Suit, The Trendiest Of All: Well, this forms the swanky option for all the special moments of your life. When worn with perfection, it looks good on almost all kinds of men. But, preferably it is recommended for skinny men. The best way to carry it is to fasten its jacket button while standing. This will impart you a more polished look. And, open it when you sit for a more stylish appeal.


Two Button Suit, Undeniably The Stylish Single Breasted Suit: A perfect pick for men with average height and weight. It is an ideal choice for all your casual gatherings, be it for an interview or daily office. If you are a short-heighted guy then this two button suit is for you as it will make you look taller by highlighting your shoulders and chest.

Three Button Suit, The Most Formal Type Of Single Breasted: This was the first type of men suit to be discovered. No one can beat its look if you wear it with all the right accessories. It is one of those suits that will never go out of fashion and will always offer you a prominent look at the office or any business meetings.

Double Breasted Suit For An Italian Look: Best suited for taller men, this suit type is a bit conservative. You can’t wear them on the everyday basis. It is suitable for business meetings and weddings only. This is the masterpiece of men’s suits, which is an absolutely ageless sensation.

Lounge Suits, The Relaxed Business Suits: It is a two piece suit that is worn with a tie and trousers. This type of suit is best suited for public gatherings where the crowd is a mix of formal and casual. The Lounge suits are also known as British suits and look the best for morning and evening functions as well.


Mandarin Suits, The Well Known Nehru Suits: Worn with the full button on, this suit type looks very elegant when you wear it for an evening outing. The best part about wearing it is that it makes you look lean and sharp, and this is what every fashion-conscious man wants.

Dinner Suit, The Three Piece Suit Style: Well, this is that single style that won’t age. The symbol of ultimate sophistication, it is an outfit that will make you noticeable in the crowd. For all those who want a unique look, this one is the stand-alone style.


So Guys! It’s up to you now, which style you want. But before you pick any, remember to choose something that will last you a lifetime!

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