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Looking to impress you lady love? In addition to your outfit, don’t forget to put extra time on choosing classic shoes to add class to your personality. Be sure to go with a shoe pair which is comfortable and classic.

Shoes, the most functional piece of your clothing and the very first thing to make a good impression on women. Yes, gentlemen, you read it right.

They may compromise a relatively small component of your overall personality, but they are worth putting extra time into. You won’t believe it but even studies have found that often judgements about people are made on the basis of their shoes. Especially when it is about impressing the opposite sex. Therefore, your shoe choice must be appropriate to the situation.

Since you will be spending most of your day on your feet, so the right pair of shoes will make a huge difference between a pleasant and a painful day. Well, shopping for men’s shoes is also an investment. They might be expensive initially but definitely, pay for themselves in the future. The right kind of shoes will fill you up with a new level of badassery and manliness that you never imagined before. So go with a pair which is classic, simple, and comfortable, the one which can elegantly accentuate your style. Because your first impressions mean everything!


Admit it, even if you are a most casual man, you will need to suit up at one point or another. After all, a great pair of shoes is a necessary staple for any man’s closet. A time well spent in finding the right shoes is directly proportional to their lifetime durability. No matter whether you are a seasoned shoe enthusiast or just buying it to cover your bases, this post will help you choose the right pair simpler than you actually thought. Follow this men’s shoe guide to bring out the man in you.

• Let’s Step Into The “Oxfords” First

Originally known as Balmorals, it is the dressiest men’s footwear collection. They are sleek, refined and are traditionally available in colours like black, brown, burgundy, cordovan, oxblood, chestnut and occasionally, white. Talking about their style, you can go with their plain toe, cap toe, brogue, and whole cut. Best paired with suits, you can wear them in different shades depending on the occasion. They are not just stylish, but comfortable too.

• Walk Into The “Bluchers” Now

This pair is identified by its lacing system which is sewn outside of the shoe. Its common types include saddle shoes, derbys, spectators, and laced moccasins. They look classy with a suit but are better with an odd jacket and trousers. Their classic shape allows them to be worn casually with jeans, assuming they are casually styled. Remember one thing when you buy them, the more extreme the styling, the less versatile the shoe. So make your investment accordingly.

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• Look Stylish and Comfy in Dress Boots

Meant to be worn in abnormal weather conditions as a protection to your ankles from mud, water, and snow, dress boots are slim ankle-length boots. They come with a slight heel to fit your foot and leg snugly. They look amazing with dressy and casual clothes and are often highly polished and embellished with perforations, an ultimate combo of style and comfort in just one pack.

• Monk Straps For A More Casual Appeal

The meticulous design and wingtip style of these shoes is what makes them different. They come with a metallic buckle and a leather strap on the upper portion of the shoe, which distinguishes them from cap toes. They are a good choice for wearing with dressy jeans, casual dress pants or to the office. Their designing is so refined that they will last you a lifetime.

Slip Yourself Into The Loafers

No laces or buckles make loafers an easy to wear stylish shoes. They are the ultramodern shoe pieces that are suitable for both formal and semi-formal occasions. Being the versatile shoe pairs, they impart an exotic touch to your wardrobe, and will make you look classy and sharp. They beautifully signify comfort and convenience.

Coming over to the conclusion, well, understanding men’s shoes isn’t that tough. The only thing required is the right guidelines and the type of occasion you are going to attend. It all depends on how you carry yourself according to the time, place and event. So just make a right pick according to the need of the hour and leave a long-lasting impression.

Your shoe choice must speak volumes about your personality, mind it!

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