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Every house has its own smell. Some homes smell good, and a few may even smell better than others! Even if you’re cleaning your home every day, there can still be odours that will develop naturally, considering some factors like overflowing trash cans, pet untidiness, dirty clothes, and smell shoe collection. 

If your home doesn’t fall in the better category, then don’t worry, we’re here to help you with some tips that can keep those smells in check. 


Change or clean carpets and rugs 

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Plush carpets unlike hardwood floors and tile tend to absorb stench strongly, particularly when they’re food spills and pet messes. 

To clean your carpet, sprinkle some baking soda all over the carpet and not only focusing on problem areas. Allow it to sit for a few hours prior to vacuuming. This method also works the same for mattresses and pet beds if you do wish to clean some of these areas. 


Clean the garbage disposal

Been smelling an unpleasant smell that lingers in the kitchen? You might want to check your garbage disposal. To get rid of the odour, spritz a generous amount of lemon-scented dish soap down into the disposal then run the water in it, after that, you can turn it on. 

Aside from the dishwasher liquid soap, you can also use lemon or lime rinds and run them through the disposal, together with plenty of water. If you think that smell is still there, you may want to pour a 1/2 cup of baking soda into the garbage disposal while you’re running hot water. A lot of new home builders and experienced homeowners would recommend this hack. 

However, not all people have a garbage disposal. If you need to get rid of the smells coming from your sink, try to pour boiling water down the drain. If you want to save water and time, you may do this with the left-over water in the kettle that you’ve used to brew your cup of tea. 


Use a diffuser 

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Having a diffuser can really help the home smell amazing and even relaxing! Choose a diffuser that has your favourite essential oils and a couple of drops. It’s also great since you can customize the scent depending on your preference. You can even mix oils to be able to find the perfect combination. 


Let the fresh air in 

Don’t close your windows! Open them and allow the fresh air to enter. Obviously, you don’t want to open the windows if the weather outside is bad, especially if it’s in the middle of winter or during a thunderstorm because it’s not the ideal deodorizing option. 


Spread some candles throughout the house

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Candles are definitely one of the easiest and most obvious options out there if you want to fill your home with an aroma that you like, however, the placement of these candles should be correct and strategic if you want to use them efficiently. 

Scented candles should be placed where you would least expect them to be but don’t light them. You can try anchoring them near linen closets or anywhere fabrics so the scent can be absorbed and lived there. You would not only enjoy a satisfying surprise every time you open the door, but your linens can also bring that aroma with them wherever you use them. 


Get some indoor plants

One of the ways to have a pleasant smell in the home is to clean the air. This is why it’s also important that you bring the outdoors indoors by placing several indoor plants in your home. It will not only clean the air but will also beautify the home. There are plenty of nice plants out there that offer great fragrances also like eucalyptus, jasmine, and gardenias, but you need to make sure that you’re ready to give them some tender, love, and care. 


Spray some vodka in your clothes

Do you find your clothes smelling a bit musty? There’s actually a solution to that, you may put some vodka in a spray bottle and freely mist all your clothes with it. The alcohol can lift the smells out directly from your clothes as it evaporates. 


Hang some eucalyptus branches from the showerhead


Yes! This actually works. If you want your bathroom to have that spa-like scent, just hang some pieces of eucalyptus branches from your showerhead. This is effective because when you take a shower, the steam will heat up and free the oils in the eucalyptus, releasing its wonderful scent throughout the bathroom and into your home. 


Deodorize your shoes 

Always wondering about the funky smell your entryway is having? Then it might be because of your footwear and shoes. It’s probably time that you clean or deodorize them. Throw them in a wash cycle if they’re washable. And if they’re not washable, you can wipe them out using a cloth that’s damped with rubbing alcohol. 


Use essential oils into the vacuum bag

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Do you hate it when every time you vacuum, you get a stinky odour? To put an end to this miserable smell, you may place some cotton ball with several drops of essential oils into the vacuum bag. It’s one of the easiest ways where you can turn your vacuuming into a scent-infused experience. 

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