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Velvet is a great fabric that you can use to decorate your home as it comes in lovely colours that surely never leaves the chart of trends. Its smooth fabric has an interesting way of giving any space in your home that chic and elegant touch, whether the decor is moody, mid-century modern, modern, or minimalist. Velvet is a versatile material that can be used with plenty of personalities, a clue of irony and boldness without measure. 

Here are some top ideas on how you can use velvet as home decor if you want to transform your room’s ambience into the most dazzling one.


Use velvet as a focal point 

mid century living room velvet couch sofa barn farmhouse hardwood floor white brick wall diy gold coffee table green emerald shop room ideas Jino Design Ltd eclectic

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You may use velvet in so many ways and one of them is through a piece of furniture or in any existing decor. If you have a white living room, it’s wise that you use a piece of colourful velvet furniture that brings poise in the right amount. The bold sofa turns into the protagonist since the rest of the materials are discreet and opaque. Meanwhile, you can also use bold velvet dining chairs for your existing minimalist dining room that will surely stand out. It will allow the chairs to show character and its fabric to speak for itself. 


Velvet blanket to add elegance to your bedroom


olive green velvet pillows

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Leaving bed in the morning is already hard enough! Adding a velvet blanket to any bedroom will make it cosier. You may use a rich navy velvet blanket with white bedding to feel more lavish, also with furry pillow shams and even a footstool supply for more texture. If you want a more relaxing vibe in your bedroom, the best way to achieve it is to integrate velvet decor for comfort and cosiness. 


Velvet pillows as accent pieces 

Want to add some energy to your boring settee? Then you can use lush velvet pillows. When it comes to accent pieces, decorating with velvet is effortless. If the sofa has a neutral fabric, bright colours will give it a pop and add a touch of texture. 


Velvet curtains to add cinematic flair 

Velvet is a heavy and thick material that makes plenty of people including interior designers be cautious of the fabric. However, these characteristics don’t have to be flawed! Having a thick velvet curtain that drops on the floor adds a chic, cinematic flair to a living or dining room. For that particular beautiful look, you may pick a colour that will contrast against the walls. 

Here’s an expert tip: If you want to avoid flat-looking velvet drapes, be aware that the nap should be running upwards. Also, when you roll your hand from bottom to top, the fabric must feel smooth. Having an upward nap ensures a more rich and radiant look. 


Velvet for a feminine side 

We already mentioned how velvet can look great in almost any colour, but it looks more passionate in bright jewel tones that will add a fun, exciting feminine factor to your living room. Also, more muted velvets like pale blues, purples, and pinks can make you want to vanish into the room itself. Velvet is known to have that obvious smooth texture yet feathery touch that prickles the senses. 

It makes the ideal fabric for producing a French feminine bedroom (consider a velvet headboard) or incorporating texture to soften a modern space. So, it’s time to spread the velvet love. 


Velvet to add some mystery attributes 

Want some type of mystery in your home? Do you always like the dark and mysterious things for your home? Then you’ll definitely love velvet for your home decor. Having velvet in your home attracts the senses and carry rich and deep shades to life. Just try to explore using it. You’ll be surprised by how beautiful its magnetic lustre and multi-scale colours of a velvet fabric choice are. 

Velvet will always look nice in dark, moody hues such as dark red velvet because its nap gives the light a chance to reflect at numerous 90-degree angles, creating that lavish, radiant sheen velvet that is very popular. See how science agree with us too? 


Use velvet that’s already old 

1512665255 velvet curtains

Photo by blue velvet couch

Don’t worry too much about velvet. Let it age because it wears beautifully. Try to see a chair that’s upholstered in a rare velvet with a visible patina, you’ll admire when it’s aged. It will provide an instant charming soul to space. You may purchase new velvet furniture if you want and wait for it to age, however, if there is something vintage you can find out there and it still works fine, then goes for it! 

The best thing that you’ll love about velvet is that whether you use tiny pillows or cover your entire walls with them, it will always look luxurious and cosy. Do you have velvet decor in your home? How do you like to use it? Share your thoughts below!

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