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Attraction is a simple phenomenon where one person seems to admire the other only on seeing the outer physical personality. It is important to realize how much our outer aura can really make someone attracted to us. God created men and women two totally opposite organisms to make sure the cycle of life continues, but it is us as humans that we need to learn the art of attraction in order to attract someone we wish to.


Especially taking men into consideration there are certain habits, that are common to all attractive men who are quite popular and desired by women. Our experts specified certain proven traits common to all those men who turn out to be desirable and these traits are specified by women, as to what habits they find sexy in men:

1. Cleanliness

Men who keep themselves clean, smell good tend to women’s favourite. Not just that clean looking men stand out of the crowd and are noticed and admired by all. Cleanliness is not just in wearing clean clothes, the outer physical body needs also need to be mended properly. Nobody likes to be around a man who is shabbily dressed. Women like men with clean hands, so you can always consider going for a nice manicure if you wish to. Always remember cleanliness is sexiness. Men are basically judged by their outer appearance, the way a man keeps himself is the way he will keep a woman, so in a world where you are under surveillance 24/7 keep your body, clothes, beard, teeth, ears, nails, feet and elbow clean.

2. Witty

Women love witty men, who are quick with their answers and always have something to woo them about. No women want a man to be a chatter box yet be able to answer all the answers and discussion with the use of his wit. Women want men to be quick on their feet and say only that thing what they are expecting from them at a certain occasion. For e.g. if you are out with your crush and she is, again and again, settling her hair checking her lipsticks, it is important for you to comment that she is looking beautiful because she has dressed only to get that compliment. Such a compliment would make her admire you more since she sees you appreciating her and everyone wants to be appreciated. Understand a women’s gestures, her body speaks louder than her mouth ever can.

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3. High on Self Confidence

Men who are high on self-confidence are totally a darling to most women. Self-confidence not just makes you look attractive to most other people but even you feel good about yourself. For e.g. Making an eye contact while talking, being up to date with what’s going on in your surrounding and the world, being bold enough to make the first move towards introduction, being a man of your words (like if you have committed to do something doing it and keeping up with your words). Self-confidence is clearly visible in your walk, so don’t walk with a hunched back or clumsily.

4. Being a Counsellor

Women have tons of problems and they always look up to someone who has a problem with all their solution. Being experienced and giving her a helping hand whenever she needs it would make you the ideal guy, she might wish to be with. Becoming a best friend Firstly is the key to a woman’s heart for if you can be her 2 a.m. friend there is a 100% chance of she being able to admire her as someone she wants to spend her rest of the life with. So Bro, you better brush up your shoes and be the ultimate guide to your desirable women.

5. Being a Man in True Sense and not a Boy

There is a difference between being a man and a boy. Women tend to be more comfortable around men with whom they feel safe, no women wants to be around an eve-teaser. The one who is high on his morals and values, tend to be sympathetic towards women and respect their time as well as the time of others is the one who becomes Mr. Charming in the eyes of the ladies. Being a man in a true sense is not being only muscular it is equally important being able to connect mentally and having a nice social group. Being able to make women laugh is the best trick to catch the attention of most women, you never know if her friends might even become interested in you.

Following above tricks would make you look good not just in front of the women you like but other people as well. You would be a happy soul and people would love your positivity and would want to be around you. 2 things you ought to do is never be boastful about your life and luxuries and secondly don’t be a total leach in front of the girl you desire. Hope these tips will make you a person you always wanted to be.