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Are you planning to have your first date? That’s great! First date is full of excitement and planning. It is imperative to understand about woman’s tastes and choices. You can put on with semi-formal outfit to impress your lady.

Wow, that is incredible that she said yes for the date. Wait; don’t even think that you have already won her. The woman agrees to go on a date only to see if the man really deserves her time. Obviously if you are a man and not just a boy trying to woo girls, you would not spoil your first date in any case.

First date is always tricky because you have to assume a lot about the woman’s tastes and choices. It may work in favor but it may put her off too. But there are things that are common to all women and I am sure yours would like them too. You know like we all men have something or the other in common, similarly women too have some common things or let’s say a few.

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First Date Ideas

First impression has a lot to do with the clothes you wear and the personality you carry. Even if you are a great musician or comedian, she would not be interested to know about you that much if you don’t give her the reason to talk to you. So, here are a few first date tips for men to impress women:

Not so corporate:

The woman you are going to see have a varied taste. Therefore, keeping both the formal and the informal look you just need to dress up a bit semi-formal. A nice pair of denims (choose the best ones that are washed) with a half sleeve shirt (don’t get any of those striped ones) and a blazer. The blazer is actually what makes you semi-formal. If she is the casual kind of a person, you can take it off anytime. Also, if it is cold you can offer her the same. Women love these kind of gestures.

Shades or no shades:

Trust me or not, women like men who maintain a great eye contact. This is a sign of confidence. So, avoid wearing shades after reaching at the place. Wearing shades is cool but it also signifies that the person is hiding something behind the shades.

Watch is a must:

The women just love men who have a small watch wrapped nicely around their wrist. Be careful and do not choose something sporty. Rather have a black metallic watch that is a symbol of class. A man with the watch is considered to be the man who values time.

Shoe love is their true love:

No matter how nicely you dress if your shoes dirty or torn, she would reject you in the first place. Pick up a pair that suits your attire. Make sure you are comfortable in it or else you would not be able to concentrate on her on your first date.

A little less cologne please:

Do not make her die of that over spraying of the cologne. Of course women like men who smell nice, but they don’t want to date a perfume bottle. Keep it simple and sober.

No dry skin:

I know you might sweat a lot in front of her but the AC will take care of it. But you must apply certain amount of body lotion to avoid the dry and patchy skin.

No text-tees:

This is a clear no; do not brag about your cool hunk attitude infront of her with your macho t-shirts. She would ignore you like a high school or a college boy for that matter.

Must bath:

One should never just get out of bed and go on his first date. You never know if your first date turns out in a marriage proposal. Hence, you must bath to feel fresh in front of her.

Cut your nails:

Nails are her thing and she would hate to see them on your fingers. Cut them before night and make sure there is no dirt stuck in them.

Oh the socks:

Even if you are going to a place that does not require you removing your shoes, you still need to have a proper pair of socks in your feet. If she asks you to remove them, you should not end up showing up the torn socks or may be the different one in each foot.

Guys the tips can work in your favor but one thing that women would love is your undivided attention. Even if you impress her with your looks, she will still see your heart. Have a golden heart for the lady and nobody can stop you from winning her heart. As William Shakespeare said,

“Women need to be loved and not understood”

Show her your love and you would not need to understand her. I hope your first date turns out to the most memorable one for both of you.

Good luck and Happy First Date.

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