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Life is incomplete without a partner. Nature created men and women to come together to keep life on earth going. It has initiated such environment so as that each of the genders becomes a support to the other, playing various roles in life and going through life processes. Men being a social animal cannot survive alone, so for his own convenience marriage was created to bring men and women together in a respectful relationship, that is lawful as well as socially respectful into the society. A lot of crazes is seen growing for love marriages over the past centuries, while quite a lot of people are still in favour of arranged marriage. But the process of arranged marriage isn’t that easy, most men are confused what arranged marriage questions to ask the girl on the first meet.

There are certain arranged marriage questions which most men hesitate to ask on their first meet with the women there parents have chosen for the arranged marriage. Most bachelors being busy building their careers and giving their parents a comfortable life tend to become shy when it comes to the question of arranged marriage. They can’t really figure out the things to ask they’re going to be a spouse, as to what they would want to know that might be helpful building a relationship.

To Solve Problems of Most Bachelors We Have Come up with a Series of Arranged Marriage Questions and How to go About them While you Converse with her:

1. Ask Her the basis meaning of life to her

Most women like men who have a broader vision of their lives. More the intellectual the man is more she is into you, Cause mostly mature and sensible women agree for an arranged marriage, as of those who want to give chance to their destiny. Ask her why she has chosen a certain profession, where does she see herself in the next 4-5 years? Ask her what kind of life she wants to lead and also her insecurities concerning her own life. These questions not only help you to know her in person but also makes you look quite caring of a man and also one of those who has serious respect for other’s perspective.

2. Ask her about her family relations

first metting

The way she treats her parents is exactly the way she is going to treat your parents. It’s important to understand her relationship with her family and friends for it will help you understand her priorities better. Also, ask her if she wants to give some part of her salary to her parents because obviously her parents are going to be the responsibility of both of you. Ask her if she wants a joint or a nuclear marriage. For this will give you clarity about her feelings and privacy.

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3. Never ask about her past

The Past is something that should be left in the past and especially concerning women for women become emotional fools quite easily, so asking them stupid questions like these would make her awkward in front of you as you would become listening to what she says.

4. Ask her about her take on money and financial matter.

Both of you would be staying together and sharing and earning together for the family. So it is important to understand her point of view when it comes to money. Ask her if about her lifestyle and her habits about spending money. You will get to know if she is a miser or a hearty spender. For it is important for women to be able to manage the finance to manage the family savings.

5. Also ask her about her being a mother and her sexual desires

Okay, this one could be bold enough but you need to make the first move to show the alpha male in you. Ask her about her future goals and when she desires to grow the family. Don’t hesitate to ask her about her sexual drives but don’t expect her to give you a clear answer for most women like to maintain a mystery to most men till they finally decide to take the big step. This move is amongst that what do women find attractive in men.

Amongst all these, the most important thing before asking serious arranged marriage questions is that you need to be calm yourself and need to make her comfortable also. Be honest about the marriage questions she asks you and doesn’t expect a clear answer for it’s just your first meet. Prepare a list before hand and there you go boy, you are ready to leave a mark on the women who you are going to be with in an arranged marriage.