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One of the major hair problems that people suffer from is hair fall. Be it due to pollution, stress, or lack of nutrition. Hair fall can occur at any age. Due to continuous hair fall, the volume decreases, and your hair can become dull and lose its shine.

It is for this reason you need to get proper online salon services at the earliest. There are several methods by which one can prevent hair fall and restore its health and beauty. However, all these processes are ideal at a salon where you can get proper professional help.

In the forthcoming article, we will discuss the major causes of hair fall and the various treatments you can get in the hair salon.

What are the main causes of hair fall?

Before we start discussing the major hair treatments for reducing hair fall, it will be much better to know the causes. This will prevent you from losing more hair even after the treatment.

Stress and depression

One of the major causes of hair fall is stress and depression. There is no direct connection between these two medical problems. However, studies have proven that people suffering from chronic depression or constant stress have witnessed hair fall at an increased level.

Improper nutrition supply

The hair strands get their strength from the nutrients you are taking in. Vitamin E, Vitamin A, zinc, copper, and other such nutrients are important for maintaining the hair’s beauty and strength. However, if your body is not getting proper nutrients, the hair roots will become a deficit of minerals and vitamins. That’s why your hair weakens, and they fall off easily.


Dandruff is another hair problem from which people suffer a lot. Dandruff is of two main types- dry and oily. Dry dandruff doesn’t usually cause any harm other than lessening the beauty of the hairs. However, oily dandruff blocks off the scalp’s pores, thereby preventing proper oxygen intake by the skin. This results in increased hair fall in women.

Weakened hair roots

If your hair roots are weakened and lose their strength, the hair strands will easily break off from the roots during combing or drying with a towel. Whenever you caress your hair, you can see the hair strands coming off from the scalp in your hand.

Lack of moisture in the scalp

Lastly, the major cause of hair fall is the lack of moisture in the scalp. The hair roots need moisture to stay stronger, especially the cells around the root bulb. However, if your scalp is dry or you don’t drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated, the hairs will start falling off early and in huge quantities.

Is salon treatment good for treating hair fall?

Yes, indeed, online salon services are ideal for reducing hair fall and treating damage. All you need to do is choose the best salon and make an appointment for physical treatment from expert professionals.

Which is the best hair fall salon treatment?


Four major treatment facilities are there, which you can avail of through a salon booking app. However, before you make an appointment, you need to know these four procedures in brief. It will give you enough clearance to choose the right process without wasting any money and getting zero results.

Hair spa

Hair spa is one of the best treatment methods you can get in almost every salon. The treatment is conducted in four major steps, each having its benefit. These four steps are:

  •         Oil massage to provide both nutrition and moisture to the scalp and root hairs
  •         Hot towel treatment to heat the hairs and loosening the skin pores
  •         Shampooing with the proper product as per your hair type
  •         Applying a hair mask to make the strands shiny, silky, and bouncy

Scalp massage

Another popular hair fall treatment you can avail of through the salon booking app is the scalp massage. In this process, first, the scalp will be massaged normally using different techniques to loosen the tensed knots. An oil massage will be done using a carrier oil mixed with some essential oils if you have a dry scalp. The warm oil massage will help in better absorption of nutrients and moisture by the scalp. Hence, your hair roots will receive the proper nutrition they need to make the hair strands stronger.

Keratin treatment

Normally, keratin is a protein you can find in the hair strands responsible for giving your hair the color you need, the luster and looks. However, due to several reasons, keratin can decrease in concentration which leads to hair fall. Hence, in the Keratin treatment, several products are used to reduce hair fall and increase the shine and smoothness of the strands.

Hair masks and cutting

Lastly, you can go with a cheaper hair fall treatment, which includes applying a hair mask and then cutting the strands. If you are suffering from both hair fall and split ends, this is the perfect treatment procedure you can get through online salon services.

Things to consider before visiting a salon for hair fall treatment

Before you make an appointment through the salon booking app, you need to know certain facts. These are:

  •         None of the treatment procedures are permanent, and hence, you need to revisit the salon for another session.
  •         You need to follow the proper instructions which will be given to you post the treatment procedure.
  •         Make sure to choose the proper treatment methods because if it is chosen wrongly, your money will go in vain, but no result will develop.
  •         After a hair fall treatment procedure is done, it might take a couple of days to show the results.
  •         To enhance the longevity of the treatment, you need to take proper supplements which contain the nutrients needed for keeping the hair roots healthy.
  •         You need to stop the use of chemicals on your hair right after the treatment is conducted.


Hair fall is detrimental to your hair’s health. But with the different treatment procedures like spa or keratin treatment, you can easily reduce the damage and restore the shine and luster of your hair. All you need to do is choose the best salon through the salon booking app and make an early appointment.