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It is said that Marriage is such a bond that is made in heaven and due to this reason it is said that there are different kinds of vows which are being taken from both partners in order to come into this sacred relationship. It is said that this relationship of Marriage is considered to be one of the most beautiful relationships which are being made by any fellows of this society in their whole life. It is said that that this relationship of Marriage is the only relationship of this society that lasts for 7 lifetimes and due to this reason it is also said that this relationship is the strongest bond in comparison to any other relationships of this society. But, with the passage of time people have started to run away from this relationship and they have started to ignore its importance by developing the process of divorce. Divorce is the cause from which one is able to end this divine relationship of Marriage and in this article, you are going to know about the causes of this action of

Divorce as per their perspective of this art of astrology.

Some Causes behind this act of divorce are being provided below –

  1. Ignorance and do not appreciate partner.
  2. Different kinds of problems occurring in order to do communication.
  3. Chaos different members of the house.
  4. Having affair with someone else.
  5. Having child problems in their married life.
  6. Different kinds of disputes between partners.

So, these were some reasons behind this kind of act of divorce and in order to avoid all these kinds of problems some details are provided below

You should keep following houses in touch before taking any kind of step related to marriage –

  1. 4th house – As per the concept of Kundli it can be known that the 4th house of any fellow’s kundli signifies the happiness which can be got by fellows from family or partner and due to this if the fellow is not having strong 4th house then he or she can face different kinds of problems in their life.
  2. 7th house – It is said that normally this 7th house of any fellow’s kundli is used to show about the marriage. But, more it can also be used to praise the lord of the 7th in order to request them to make their marriage bond strong and let it lasts for a long period of time.
  3. 2nd house – It is said that this 2nd house in this cause of Kundli is being used to tell about the very crucial matter in any married relations which is well known as the members of the cast pr it can also be known as the Kutumb this house has to be strong if any married relationship needs to remain for longer period of time.
  4. 12th house – It is said that the 12th house of any fellow’s kundli not just play important role in his or her married life but, also affects to their life also. This house is used to know about the bed pleasures and due to this, it is considered to be a very important factor of each and every person’s life.

There are a few planets whose associations with the marriage houses can lead to a divorce are being provided below –

  1. Saturn –

It is said that this planet of Saturn is generally is considered with the act of divorce and due to this reason if any fellows are having Saturn house strong in his or her Kundli it is final that they would never able to maintain their that relationships.

  1. Rahu –

It can be said that if the planet of Rahu is in the 7th house of the natal chart of any fellow’s kundli then it is sure that there would some other kinds of problems related to an extra-marital affair or if it is not providing that it will surely create problems related to sexual problems.

  1. Ketu –

It can be said that if any fellow is having this planet strong in their Kundli then it sure that they would face one or other kind of problems in their life like sometimes they will lose interest and if anything like that happens then it is obvious that there are very few chances of surviving for any relationships.

So, this was information regarding different kinds of astrological perspectives according to which there can be an occurrence of acts of Divorce. And with the help of information which is being provided above if you are able to take care of the following things they it is possible that you are able to save your relationships from this kind of dead end. So, if you are facing any kind of problems in your relationships or you want to get more information about any cause of your life then as per our suggestion, you should instantly contact to Love Marriage Specialist.