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If you’re planning to marry someone divorced and you’re not a bit careful, things can turn tricky, earlier than you might anticipate. There is always an element of risk when you decide to tie the knot with a divorced person or divorcee as you’re then entering into an unknown territory.

You are aware that the person has a past but you’re not sure whether the past was rosy or murky. Risks are certainly more in cases where the potential suitor has not come clean on the reason behind their divorce. And worse still, with a divorced person, you’re never sure what their equation is with the previous spouse.

All such things can come to haunt your marriage life later particularly if you did not bother to know them. It’s therefore always a good step to talk to some experienced sleuths of India and think about benefiting from their expertise with marriage investigation.

And when you have a private detective ready to find any information about the person you plan to marry, it can ease a lot of your concerns and remove most of your pre-marriage jitters that linger due to the divorce tangle. For that reason, a growing number of couples these days have faith in pre-matrimonial investigation as it solves a lot of their problems.

Here are some of reasons to trust a matrimonial detective agency when you are about to marry a divorced person –

Not made for each other

Marriage detectives can help in knowing the past of the potential suitor

When you plan to marry a divorced person, one of the biggest worries you face is the lack of knowledge about the past of the candidate. You’re always a bit apprehensive about the reasons that led to their separation in the first marriage or the circumstances that caused the divorce. You concerns are valid as in most of the case when a divorced person or a divorcee plans re-marriage they never give out the exact reason behind their previous failed marriage. And out of the fear of hurting their sentiments, you may avoid probing too much about their past and this is where problems can happen.

Matrimonial detective agency can find out any extra-marital affairs

In many cases, divorced persons are found to be in polygamous relationships or they tend to have multiple partners simultaneously. And the problem comes when they plan to re-marry but this situation is never good for the other partner who is marrying for the first time and expecting total devotion and trust from their spouse. To avoid such a messy situation, it’s always better to take help of marriage sleuths and let them find out whether the potential candidate is having any extra-marital affairs. Their investigation can prove very helpful and based on the input you can always take informed decisions.

Detective for marriage can search for information on any legal cases

Most of the time, divorced persons are mired in some type of legal cases emanating from the annulment of their marriage. Whether it is alimony issue or child custody problem or anything else, there may be a hint of legal issues which such persons don’t like to dwell on when they enter the marriage market again. They may deliberately hide any information that puts them in bad light legally as this can ruin their prospect but this can always have a negative impact on the relationship in future. To avoid such issues, it’s always better to have a background check run on the divorced person and get right information about them.

Marriage detective agency can reveal financial status of the person

When it comes to the matters of money most of us either lie a bit or try to hide the reality to some extent. The same can also be true with a divorced person who may also not disclose his finances in the way it should. But being their would-be spouse you deserve to know their matters of money, their financial status, their assets and everything regarding money. Since extracting this kind of information is never easy, you can take the investigation route and serve your purpose easily.


You can clearly see how a pre matrimonial investigation can come in different shades when you plan to marry a divorcee or someone who’s divorced. So, you should always hire a top agency and get excellent results with investigation.