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An area of SEO that covers the optimisations related to helping in improving the SEO ranking better, as well as, enhancing the easy reach ability of the website is known as technical SEO. Technical SEO has a major role to play in helping to improvise the site loading time, checking the files along with redirecting work in a proper manner and direction. In a world like today that is more tech-savvy, the era of digitisation and its large-scale advancements and developments are commendable. SEO has a lot of benefits in store if you put your efforts in the right direction. Hence, while putting in the SEO efforts, here are some things that you should not forget. 


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Website crawling 

This is the most important aspect. Hence, you should enter the website URL, click on search and then choose the site audit option. Crawling is a procedure that helps in sorting issues related to copied content, low keyword density, and much more. 


Manual google searching is a must 

Google searches are appropriate for knowing the website’s ranking. Hence, this will further help you recognize the point where you should begin your technical SEO audit with. Some questions like does the website rank in the search, the number of pages of your website that are appearing as relevant, and much more should be worked upon manually. 


One browsable version only 

Multiple versions for your website will only leave your target audience distributed and confused. Hence, the best gig to make a single version of your website browsable only. Having multiple options will not let the search engine the prospective traffic to your website and this will have a negative impact on your ranking. 


On-page SEO technical checks are a must 

Working on the backend pages, don’t forget pages like duplicate pages, headers, or title tags. It is better to make use of reliable tools like Copyscape as it helps in analysing the potential SEO problems that are likely to come out of duplicate content. On-page SEO is going to fetch better search results for your page and website. But, have a strong off-page SEO and keep performing a backlink audit without fail. There is plenty of SEO company in Surat and all over India who performs these task. You can reach out to them for support.


Title tags? For sure 

An HTML code that tells the search engines about the page’s title is known as a title tag. The information is contained in the SERPs. Make sure that the optimal length of the title tags is maintained. The ideal length stands between 56-60 characters. For properly judging the length, make sure to use a reliable application like a pixel width checker. 


Meta descriptions? Yes, please 

They have an indirect role to execute. But it is important as the customers look at these first. The meta descriptions should be able to engage the consumers and compel them for the product that you are buying and meeting their taste. Customers tend to get attracted and visit your page to scroll between the products and services you have to offer with the help of reading these meta descriptions only 

Hierarchy clarity should be considered 

For a seamless and reliable organization of the content that is a part of your website and that is being used for targeting the audience, it is suggested for you to reach out to Google that can help you to analyze the site, as well as, index it for the part of searching. It is better to leverage your analytics and hence, draw a comparison in between the site metrics. You can use google analytics for the same. 


Keyword placement 

Irrespective of the number of pages on your website, each of them should have a focus keyword. This is an imperative step. Make sure that the focus of the first 100 words that are part of that particular page. Don’t stop at this. Make sure that you are strategically moving forward with the placement of the trending keywords evenly in the whole content. 


Bounce rate 

Google analytics has a good role to play here as well. Having a higher bounce rate means people are not seeing your site as reliable and they are switching pages to the main page. They are not able to get a gist of what they need on your website. Also, for metric comparison, SEO details are a must and hence, you can seek the assistance of applications like MozBar. 


Keep a check on competitive keywords 

Some of the websites might be making use of the competitive keywords and hence, they rank higher as a result. You can reach out to similar applications that help you in viewing the keywords that are enhancing the ranking of other websites. Websites like Ubersuggest also guide you with backlinking. 



Digitization and technical SEO go hand in hand. They have an incredible number of benefits if used correctly and in the right direction.