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A few decades ago, houses looked exactly the same and the only difference was the brand new blinds, range of chairs, and color schemes used. But nowadays, homeowners are becoming extra and they want to make their marks on the place. For them, a home that does not reflect their interests, likes, dislikes, and preferences is useless and not worth their money. You might have the same thinking as them, especially if you shelled out a large sum of money to build the house.


If your house seems lacking and unattractive to stay in for years to come, it is recommended to do some kind of renovation. To help you find decor inspiration and have an idea of what to add to your home, we have listed 5 incredible features you probably wished you had years ago.

1.   A recording studio at home

There are people who were trained by their parents to become musically inclined. They spent most of their childhood days attending guitar and voice lessons. If you are one of them, there is nothing you want more than to have your own space where you can sing and play musical instruments all day. If you are an aspiring producer, the best gift you can give to yourself is a recording studio located in your house. It is time to spoil yourself by having a comfortable and creative space with all the equipment you wished you had when you were a kid. To make it more presentable, you can add brand new blinds, elegant lighting fixtures, and visually appealing furniture pieces.

2.   A motorcycle space in your living room

A motorcycle space in the living room can give happiness to all homeowners who treat their cars and bikes as part of their family. Who would even purchase them for thousands of dollars just to leave them out on the street where it is prone to damages or place them in a lonely garage. It is time for this masterpiece in your house by allocating enough space for cars and bikes. Make sure that the house also has beautiful leather furnishings, brand new blinds, and concrete floors to make it more attractive.

3.   Dining room with a skate park

Is skating one of your favorite hobbies that you always have a skateboard under your feet? If yes, you are probably out to go to places where it is safe to skate. But imagine the convenience and excitement if you have a dining room with a skate park. It can fulfill your dream as a kid of being able to skate in the comforts of your own home. It will turn out pretty awesome especially if you pair it with brand new blinds and dim lights.

4.   Spiral slide stair for kids

If you have kids, they are probably missing the outside where they can freely play games with their friends amidst this pandemic. As a parent, you would want to see them experience a little bit of the playground again even if they are quarantined at home. A sweet gesture that you can do for your children during this health crisis is to have a spiral slide stair. It is not just a way of making your house more fun for them but it is also functional since they can easily move down whenever you call them. Don’t forget to paint it with a wooden finish and pair it with brand new blinds with the same color scheme.

5.   A movie theater in the swimming pool

One of the most sought-after features of a house is the swimming pool but you shouldn’t settle with just that. You can have a movie theater installed in your swimming pool so you can play your favorite Netflix movie while enjoying the refreshing water during the summer seasons. If you don’t want to swim at all but like having a view of the outside, then you can place a floating coffee table or drink coaster.

In a Nutshell

From the listed features above, determine what will work best for your needs, interests, and preferences. It is not enough to purchase brand new blinds to make your house unique and attention-grabbing. Get rid of the ordinary house features, and try to incorporate incredible ones.