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Shoe cover dispensers have made life easier. It has reduced the workload by keeping the surroundings clean so that the floors don’t get much dirtier and doesn’t take much effort to make it clean. 

The dispenser is found in a variety of designs and is equipped with a number of features from which you can choose the desired one depending upon the place where you are willing to install it. 

The dispensers are made of a durable and unbreakable material that gives it a longer lifespan and makes the place look precise. 

They are available in designs that can be rectangular, oval or an L-shaped dispenser making it easier for you to choose the most desired one that you want. 

The shoe cover machine can be installed at your office premises, at factories, laboratories, hospitals and even at home to maintain cleanliness of the place.     

Types of Shoe Cover Dispensers 

There are majorly two types of shoe cover dispenser that differ in features and usage giving you the option to choose the right one as per the place where you are going to install it. Here are some of the differences between manual and automatic shoe dispensers.

Manual Shoe Cover Dispenser

The basic one is a manual shoe cover dispenser from which you can take a pair of cover and wear it so that the floor and place do not get dirtier when you work there. Wear the covers properly so that your entire shoe is covered and the dust present on the sole so that the floor remains clean. 

These manual dispensers are a good pick for personal use and low traffic areas where people are not in much hurry. They can be used in clinics and in health care units and are sometimes even used at homes. 

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser

As compared to the manual ones automatic dispensers are more convenient to use as they are time and energy saver. It is an effortless device which will save you from touching the device. 

It is a sensor-based device that detects the foot and covers it with the plastic film when you put the foot on the machine. 

This automatic shoe cover dispenser is extremely one of the classy and unique featured devices that are easy to use having different storage capacities and working abilities. They mostly work on batteries and therefore known as energy-efficient device. 

How they Protect your Home and Office

On a higher demand the automatic shoe cover dispensers are used to protect home and office from the dirt pollutants and restrict the spreading of germs and bacteria. 

Their usage is becoming more popular as people are now more health-conscious and highly concerned about cleanliness to protect themselves from fumes, dust and viruses. 

It is not possible to clean the sole of shoes and make them wet everyday, therefore the idea of a shoe cover seems to be more relevant. 

You spend your entire day and sometimes more than it in the office and after that the remaining hours are spent in the home. Therefore both the places need to be properly hygienic and clean to work and stay. 

It is a great decision to keep one at your place and one at the office so that it can be used whenever required. This small and portable box can be easily placed anywhere and requires a small space area. It can be simply kept in the corner as you only need to use it once a day. 

How it Works

The shoe cover dispenser machine is very easy to use and helps you take some extra precautions regarding the spread of germs. To use the device you need to first put the batteries in it and on it. 

The box must be filled with the film and you need to set all the adjustments before you start it. To use the dispenser you need to put your foot on the mat of the device and press it a bit. The plastic film will automatically cover your entire shoe. 

The best thing about this dispenser is that it is suitable for every type of shoe either they are flat or heeled.   

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Some Amazing Features

The unique features of the shoe cover dispenser makes it one of the effective devices for your home and office. This will keep the germs outdoors, keeping the area clean.  

  1. Fully Automatic

The most loved feature of the machine is that it is fully automatic. It helps prevent contamination and maintains the cleaning regulations. You just need to turn it on once and keep it at the desired place where it can be used by anyone.   


  1. Touchless

Another good feature of the dispenser is that it is touchless. This non-contact feature restricts the spreading of germs from hands as you don’t touch the device to use it. The dispenser has an infrared sensor due to which you don’t need to touch the machine.  


  1. Time Saver

Besides the manual one, If you choose the automatic dispenser then it saves your time at optimum. You don’t need to take the film and cover it by yourself on the shoe. The machine will do it all and this will save your time and energy as well. 


  1. Good Capacity

The machines are equipped with good capacity so that it can be ideally used in low traffic areas and high traffic areas as well. They can store upto a minimum of 200 shoe covers that are enough for places like research labs and food processing units. 


  1. Different Options

You will get a number of options regarding the color, design and size of the dispenser. You can pick the one that is most suitable for your workplace and best matches with the interior of the place.

Rather usually all the other things are the same. The most appreciable thing about the automatic shoe cover dispenser India is its efficiency. They are the best machines for both personal use and official use.