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To know about the Media transparency platform, one must know what we mean by media transparency. The term media transparency encompasses a key set of factors that define the bond between the media and its support structure. In a broad sense, it could refer to the relationship between news sources and journalists. More specifically, it is the outcome existing between the amount of money a company pays for its advertising campaign and the results achieved. Do you realize how much of the money you spend on advertising goes towards the media? The media transparency service provider helps you understand this by giving a detailed analysis of where the money went into the campaign.

Set a Realistic Target for Your Marketing Campaign

Of course, the media is powerful, it controls the decisions made by the average man. It is only natural to want to control it so all decisions will go in your favor. But, are you overspending? Where does the media transparency platform come in? And then, we have published information. You can pay for any information to see that it gets published. Are you spending big dollars here? And, are you getting the impact your business needs for its growth? Or, is a huge amount disappearing when the money changes hands?

A section of the service providers takes the money you give for the advertising service and hands over a part of it to another agent who does the actual campaign for you. They might do a part of the campaign and let the agent handle the rest of it. In effect, the money gets distributed over an entire network of advertising agents.

Normal Outlay for Advertising

In big companies, the outlay for marketing ranges between 5% and 15% of the annual earnings while smaller ones will opt to spend 11-12% of their income. Of this, 30% to 40% goes towards media and digital marketing. The big question that arises at this point is whether the money is going to the right places. Is there an area where the company has not invested well enough? The use of the media transparency platform resolves this issue and brings the wolf out of the bushes.

Check Out Where the Money Went

Target for Your Marketing Campaign

The individual breakdown of the spending shows whether the money went for pushing the product on the Facebook platform or whether the money went for Twitter. You get to know whether they distributed flyers and put up billboards and if there were ads on the television. The company management might have noticed the television ads and wondered why they were so short (or too long).

See What is Working

Now, with the breakup in hand, they are in a position to question the propriety of spending the money on the evening show when they could get a better response in the morning news section. Sure the media transparency platform gives you the lowdown on the money you spend and helps you understand what your options are.

It is not about how much effort you put into the work, it is about how well you do the job. It is your money, so find out how it is working for you.