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Spill – Leading Media Auditor and Consultancy Business

A media audit is actually the fact-based evaluation of media buys performance by the 3rd party expert. The advertising audit we conduct eliminates all pitfalls and gaps that are being associated with self-reporting. The main focus of our organization is to provide the clients with all actionable insights into paid media for driving business. Since our business is based on SAAS, everything is done through software and technology.

Save on advertising budget and make most of your investment

The Spill provides businesses with the right tools for saving money on advertising and improving their strategic thinking through media audits. We are helping the brands to grow, save and also manage AD budgets so that they can make most of their investment. The media auditing capabilities of our experts help the client with assessments that truly reflect the brand along with the buying requirements of the business. Our organization is well known for improving and developing the potential of a client’s business through auditing. Due to this, we have already assisted quite a large number of clients to save on their media expenditure. The proprietary techniques, total neutrality, and paid media expertise are what make our firm the perfect partner for validating media procedures along with the agency’s contractual performances. The paid ads generate better results through spill software. It facilitates you to determine the ads that are not generating desired results leading to the losses. So with the help of Spill software, you can find out those campaigns and improve them.

Our actionable insights and quantifiable findings drive value to your business

Financial Transparency

Our team conducts the audits that provide actionable insights, quantifiable findings along with actionable plans for driving significant value to the client’s business. Our specialized services have been designed and developed for utilizing auditing as a tool in order to identify, implement media cost and achieving significant quality improvement. As a part of holding vendors accountable, we monitor, verify, and audit how campaigns are being run. This includes how much 3rd party (vendor, agency, or platform) is actually spending on ads, where ads are running, whether advertisements are even being seen or served to bots.

We have media audit packages designed specifically for you

The proprietary media performance auditing tool that we utilize is actually unrivaled in its capability to process even the most complicated and exhaustive of media performance audits. The auditing software is most precise, objective and serves as 3rd party verification tool for completely ensuring that client businesses get what they have paid for. Through the utilization of advanced analytical tools, there are interactive and visualization capabilities for facilitating the identification of anomalies and working towards taking corrective action.

We assist clients in realizing value and cost savings

There are so many reasons why your advertisements don’t produce the desired output. It may be due to fraudulent activities or consumer behavior. Our spill software runs ad data through 14 billion data points in an automatic way. This is being done for ascertaining the unique reason why your ad campaign has yield less than satisfactory performance. Also, powerful and actionable recommendations are provided for improvement and generating long-lasting influence.

Spill ensures that your ad campaigns generate better output

Our experts develop custom analytics and utilize advanced technology tools for meeting the individual requirements of clients. We provide eminent advertisers with advertising transparency and accountability on media spending. Our experts develop codes, algorithms and some of the most advanced techniques for a few of the largest ad platforms. We have already conducted audit & marketing engagements for 500+ clients.

Evaluate and improve your media performance

Our company has already gained extensive market insights, knowledge, 3rd party vendor credits and related international nuances. We serve as vendor transparency agency that assists you in realizing value & cost savings as well. In order to know more about media audit service, get in touch with our team.