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The combine harvester is the modern agriculture machinery that has made the life of farmers easier. During the advent of this machinery in the 19th century, it was horse-drawn. However, during the later decades of the 19th century, George Stockton Berry integrated the combine machine with the steam engine. Today, this giant machine has evolved manifold, making it convenient for farmers to operate productively and efficiently. John Deere tops the list of suppliers of the newest and largest combines ever released. The company is redefining the capacity as well as efficiency of this marvellous agriculture machine.

List of latest models of John Deere combine harvesters

Here is the list of the latest models of John Deere combine harvesters

Combine harvester model-W70 John Deere has developed the latest and most advanced W70 model. It comprises a powerful 100 HP turbocharged engine. Also, it offers an extensive array of provisions ranging from cutting to crop threshing. It includes innovative features such as the Posi Torque drive and the compact cutter bar enabling the harvester to work even in semi-moist and undulating fields. Also, the combine harvester -W70 model comprises of convenient and smart gear shift providing more comfort to the operator.

Combine Harvester model- X9 1000

model X9 1000 1


Model X9 1000 is another latest addition to the combine harvester series. The model has a maximum engine horsepower of 630. Also, the unload rate is 4.6 bushels/sec and there is 420-bushel power folding grain tank along with a JD link TM modem. So, this combine harvester facilitates the productivity of increased bushels/ hour, with more acres each day. Also, this model from the X9 series can work for all crops under all types of farm conditions. Also, it reduces the harvesting time through the availability of highly comfortable cabs.

Combine Harvester model- S760

s7600 model of john deere 1

Some of the innovative features of the S760 model include a combine advisor package assisting in setting, optimizing as well as automating chief combine functions whenever a change of conditions takes place. Also, it incorporates the automated yield sensor calibration along with the Active Yield supplies. This is for providing highly accurate data and the operator needs to spend time calibrating. Also, there is convenient usage of the machine & easy spraying due to the comfortable S 700 cab with a tractor. This machine provides high yield capacity during the corn and bean harvest. Also, the operator can raise the harvesting capacity while handling tough small grains or rice crops. Give the operator more control and make the harvesting journey comfortable even during tough conditions.

Combine harvester model-T 670

model t670 1

This particular John Deere combine harvester incorporates single point and feeder house latching with mass flow sensor technology. In the cab control feature, there is a reel resume. Also, there is a provision to remove fingers towards the chaffer rear conveniently. Due to the multi-drum threshing technology, smooth crop flow is attained. So, with the quickly engaged booster bar, threshing capabilities have been increased. The peak unloads rate is 125L/s along with machine sync. The improved extra fine-cut technology leads to premium quality chopping as well as residue distribution.


The all-new series of combine with John Deere imbibes new features and benefits for fully maximizing the harvesting operations while meeting operators’ unique requirements.