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Aspects of Aftermarket Combine Parts That Help Or Hinder the Farmer

To a farmer, there is only one thing bigger than making the harvest at the right time and that is to make a profit. His biggest concern is to cut the losses because the loss is inevitable and occurs in many forms. The other big drain in the profits comes from replacing worn-out parts. He can do this in two ways – using OEM parts or aftermarket parts. The obvious choice is to use Aftermarket Combine Parts as this reduces buying costs. The only thing you have to watch is how to maintain your aftermarket part.

Choose Spare Parts for Your Harvester


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts help you because the harvester will work well. If you use Aftermarket Combine Parts they will also work well but you look for these things:

a) If you get the spare part from a dealership repair shop, they will only give you OEM parts. What is the point in offering parts at a higher price from a competitor?

b) Private repair shops will have both original and aftermarket parts for your harvester. You will not only get access to OEM parts and used OEM parts and this thing is good as they will cost less.

c) When you have a choice, be sure not to compromise. Choose only good parts having enough quality so check for the warranty.

d) If you are doing a collision repair, the insurer will choose aftermarket parts because they cost less.

By now, you would have got the idea that other companies make the Aftermarket Combine Parts. They are not manufactured by the original company. The other names for these parts are non-OEM parts, generic parts, and competitive replacement parts.

Advantages of Using Aftermarket Combine Parts

● The main use of an aftermarket part is that it can replace a part that is not available because the OEM is not manufacturing it or there are not enough parts. Generic parts have good quality because the maker wants to compete with the OEM part and gain market share. There are cheap parts available and it is better to avoid these cheap parts.

● There is a significant reduction in prices. So, when you have to make a large investment and you are short of cash, the best option is to go for the Aftermarket Combine Parts.

● You will not experience any problems with the warranty of the vehicle if you use aftermarket parts. OEMs use generic parts often in their maintenance services.

It is important to maintain the proper clearance of the concave from the drum to avoid damage to the grain. But, space must not be too great as this will not thresh the crop well. Start by using the recommended settings and then you can increase or decrease the gap as needed.