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Morocco is covered with the enormous Sahara Desert. It offers travellers some enigmatic landscapes with stunning vistas. Morocco Desert tour is the best way to explore the raw Sahara Desert. The amusing part of Morocco is that it offers the views of the high Atlas Mountains as well. Living in the desert for some days will help you encounter the local Berber culture and food.

Morocco Desert tours are remarkable because there are luxury campsites situated in the desert. If you want a local experience, then nomadic tents are also available.

Read on to find out the tips to consider while booking a Morocco Desert Tour.

Do not carry closed shoes

When packing for a trip to the Morocco Desert, avoid carrying closed shoes. Do not opt for sandals either. The comfortable thing to wear is flip flops. You can easily remove them and wear them again. It will help you to explore the desert freely. Other foot wear options will consume more time.

Carry some comfort food

Morocco Desert tours includes delicious food but it is wise to carry some food packets. You might want to snack in between the sightseeing tours. Also, sometimes you might not like the food served at the campsite. In that case, you can have those food packets. The desert camps have limited food options. Thus, make sure to carry some of your favourite snacks.

• Pack a thin blanket

desert tour morroco

You might be carrying sweaters and jackets as it gets cold at night in the desert. However, consider carrying a thin blanket to your Morocco Desert tour. You can sit on it and it is also helpful to wrap yourself up after the sunset.

You will obviously get two to three blankets in the luxury camp sites, but the normal campsites would offer only one. If you are a person who feels cold, then an extra blanket would definitely help.

• Carry facial water

This is an important item to carry while on a Morocco Desert tour. The desert usually has a dry climate because of which the humidity is very low. If you are planning to spend more than two days in the desert, then carrying a toner or facial water is necessary.

It will keep your skin hydrated. Avoid carrying a moisturising cream as the sand might stick on your face which will make your skin oily and flaky at the same time.

• Essentials to wear

The desert is fun to explore but, it is equally known for contrasting temperatures. The days usually have high temperatures with the scorching sun. Hence, it is important to carry sunglasses, hat and a hydrating sunscreen.

However, the temperature drops in the night and it becomes windy. Thus, carry a jacket or sweater for the night. Many people forget to carry proper clothing and fall ill on their trip.


Thus, it is important to create a checklist before packing for a Morocco Desert tour. These tours can be booked in a group or privately as well.