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If you’re looking for semi-precious stones for jewelry making, but don’t know where to get or know how to tell if it’s a semi-precious stone, this guide will help you identify what stones are best for jewelry making.


Semi-precious stones are a great addition to any collection, but finding suitable stones can be difficult. There are many factors to consider when you’re looking for a stone and even more factors when you’re trying to find a stone that has the color, shape, and size qualities you want. This article will help you learn what stones to look for, how to identify them when you see them and where you can buy semi-precious stones online.

What Is Meant By Semi-Precious Stones?

Semi-precious means more than just pretty but not quite precious. The word semi-precious is used to describe stones that are not high-value items but have some sort of value. When you look for something precious, like a diamond or a ruby, you want it to be high quality and pure. Semi-precious means the stones have some quality of purity to them, but they are not quite up to the standards of true precious stones.

What Stones Are Semi-Precious?

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There are a number of different types of semi-precious stones for jewelry making available in the market. The most common are amethyst, turquoise, emerald, ruby, sapphire and pearl. Other semi-precious stones include carnelian, jasper, aventurine, onyx and jade. It’s important to remember that not all of these stones are always available in the same size, shape or color. There are many factors at play when you’re looking for a semi-precious stone and they can change.

How Much Money Does It Cost?

The cost of a semi-precious stone will depend on the size and type of stone you’re purchasing. The price can range from low-range certificates to thousands of dollars per carat. It’s best to make sure the value of the stone is worth it so that money isn’t wasted on a semi-precious stone for jewelry making that isn’t as valuable as it is thought to be.

How To Determine The Semi-Precious Stone Needs?

Knowing why you need a semi-precious stone and which kind you need can make it easier to find one that works for your jewelry making project.


If you’re making a ring, you’ll want to look for semi-precious stones that have a lot of luster. Luster is defined as the sparkles and the sheen that they give off when you look at them in the light. It will make your ring a statement-making piece that will show off any unique stones that are inside.


Designer jewelry tends to have pearls and gemstones in both intentional and unintentional places, so it’s important to know which type is best for your project. If you’re making a bracelet, you’ll want to look for semi-precious stones for jewelry making that have a pretty, strong-glowing color.


If you’re making a pendant, necklace or earring, you’ll want to find semi-precious stones with natural color and shine. Unless the stone has been treated in some way, it will have a natural color and shine to it.

What Are The Best Ways To Identify Semi-Precious Stones?

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The easiest way to identify a semi-precious stone is to understand its composition. It’s important to know that there are many types of gems and minerals that can produce a semi-precious stone, but here is a quick list of the most common ones: 

  • Amber is made from fossilized trees or plants, usually pine trees. 
  • Yellow sapphires are usually made from corundum, but occasionally from topaz.
  • Red garnet is a stone that is usually made of the mineral almandine.
  • Green or blue calcite is usually made of limestone.
  • Other semi-precious stones for jewelry masking are typically formed from quartz, rubies and emeralds or sometimes may come in different shades of color like pink and yellow or gray and black.


The most common semi-precious stones for jewelry making have a fairly predictable color palette. This helps you very quickly identify a stone when you see it. If your project calls for red gems and you see a deep red stone, you can be sure that it’s the color you want without seeing it again.

What Are The Common Characteristics Of These Stones?

Most semi-precious stones don’t have uniform shapes. This makes it hard to tell what a certain stone looks like. Most semi-precious stones are clear in color, but there are some that come in other colors like emeralds or citrine and can be difficult to tell apart from their counterparts.

Where Can Semi-Precious Stones Be Bought? 

You can find semi-precious stones for jewelry making fairly easily online. They are often sold in the same stores that sell all kinds of jewelry and accessories such as beads, pendants and charms. One such online store is “Dream Of Stones” which has a great collection of good quality and genuine semi-precious gemstone beads that are worth checking out.