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Do you still identify Aloha Shirts with the prints of only Hawaiian beaches and coconut trees and that too imprinted on a silk or a cotton shirt? Have you ever been cheated upon by the shirt sellers in the name of the authenticity of Hawaiian shirts just because you don’t know much about them? If yes, then you need to know what all it takes to make a real Hawaiian shirt.

Time to put a full stop to all the confusion and unawareness related to the Hawaiian Shirts for this article will help you uncover all the information about these beach shirts, starting from their pattern variations to a host of fabrics used.

Hawaiian Shirt

Considering the variation in the prints and their pattern, they vary greatly for both Men’s Hawaiian Shirts and Women Hawaiian Shirts. Listed below are some of the popularly used designs for the Hawaiian Shirts that you can take into consideration.

• Basic All-Over Print- This is the most commonly used print for the Aloha Shirts. It ensures the repetition of the print all over the fabric either following in a uniform or a non-uniform pattern. However, most of the Hawaiian Shirts are symmetrical. This sort of printed Hawaiian shirt gives freedom to both men and women to wear it the way they want- tucked in or untucked.

• Prints Of Scenic Importance- Commonly termed as ‘Scenic Prints’, these prints have the repetitive images in the form of beautiful scenery instead of just the repetition of a single image. Thus, Hawaiian Shirts with such prints are sure enough to fill one’s soul with a holiday spirit when worn.

Making its stand among the second most popular of the Hawaiian prints, both men and women find it to be very attractive.

• Border Print- With no use of repetitive images (like the ones in all over prints and scenic prints), Hawaiian border print shirts are designed with the main motive of wearing them untucked. The design with the large full image goes across the shirt at the bottom (border) covering the entire area.

• Panel Print- Be it leaves, flowers or both, the panel print makes use of them in the form of vertical panels. The design gets repeated across the fabric like all other repetitive patterns. A Hawaiian shirt with such design is always full of life!

• Matched Print- This entails the continuation of a print from one part of the shirt to another. The design is pretty similar to the border print with the only difference being the seamless image that runs from the left part to the right without any interruption in between by the buttons. The design being a bit difficult yet different from the rest, it requires such Hawaiian Shirts to be made with great skill.

• Engineered Prints- This print comprises large repetitive images which get repeated every 18 inches. Creating a seamless design appears very similar to a border print.

Its high-quality use of fabric makes it the most expensive among the Hawaiian Shirts.

• Matched Pocket Print- This creates a seamless design at the pockets just like the matched printed design discussed above. Nowadays most Hawaiian Shirts make use of these prints.

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Having covered the variations in the patterns and the prints, let us have a sneak peek into the various fabrics used in the making of the Men’s Hawaiian Shirts as well as the Women Hawaiian Shirts:

• Cotton-This is the most commonly used fabric to manufacture Hawaiian Shirts. The use of cotton not only makes the Hawaiian Shirt easily wearable but also makes it highly comfortable, breathable as well as easily washable. It also has the ability to withstand high temperatures without damaging the cloth fiber.

• Hemp- Hemp is another type of tough fabric used to create Aloha Shirts. This has the strength and durability of 20 combined cotton shirts. The fabric can be easily washed though it requires a good detergent.

• Rayon- Hawaiian Shirts made of rayon fabric demands extra care. This needs to be washed carefully as well. Some would only sustain dry-cleaning. However, the rayon Hawaiian shirt is the most comfortable one.

• Silk- Silk is used to manufacture high-quality Hawaiian Shirts. It is one of the most expensive fabrics. You may wash it either by machine or by hands. The fabric insulates the body from the surrounding temperature. It remains warm during winter and cool during summers.

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Thus, having gone through the details on the variations of the patterns, prints, and the fabric, used in the making of these shirts, you must have got a fair idea about what it takes to make the perfect Aloha shirts for both men and women.

Without a doubt, Hawaiian shirts are full of life. It’s the printed patterns and bright colors that make these shirts. So, this vacation, let your wardrobe get some Hawaiian tinge. Fill it with these fascinating Hawaiian Shirts and set your holiday mood in.

Time to go loud! Time to put your Aloha shirt on!