A Story Of A Shirt That Cannot Be Stained: Welcome The Silic Shirt!

Can’t you believe that there is a shirt that can’t be stained? Silic shirt is perfect for everyone who finds laundering as difficult task. It is an example of smart clothing. You can wash it through machine or by hand.

How about having a shirt that does not get dirty at all? Well, if you think this to be an absurd question, then you must give it a second thought.

Still think it’s a joke? Then, let me give you the good news. It is possible to have this shirt in your wardrobe guys, it has already been invented.

Amazed? C’mon you live in a technological world, how come you don’t know about the Magic Boy, “Mr. Amir Patel”, the man behind this stainless shirt. Yes, it is the brainchild of this 20-year-old serial entrepreneur, who got this idea after watching videos promoting spray products that repel water to anything you spray it on. What an invention boy!


Popularly known as the Silic shirt, it is a blessing for all those who find doing laundry as one of the most daunting tasks. It would not be wrong if I say it is a blessing in disguise for all busy men. Now, what actually is bringing out this magic? Is it having some plastic coating or it is the result of some chemical formula? The answer is Nanotechnology. This magic shirt is ingrained with super-hydrophobic nanotechnology that uses microscopic structures for repelling water-based liquids. And, all this happens due to the formation of a layer of air between the fabric and liquid molecules, which causes the liquid to bead up into a 150-degree sphere and roll it off the shirt, making it stain free, neat and clean.

Coming over to how this Silic Shirt got its name, well, as the name suggests it is all in the technology. It got this name from the billions of silica particles that layer the fabric. To be more precise, it is the direct bonding of nanotechnology to the fibers in order to keep off the water-based liquids from the shirt and this forms the basis of its name.

Much has been talked about its discovery, technology, and name, now let’s talk about its features that make it different.

• The Silic shirt is the best example of smart clothing, which comes with zero maintenance and is downright trendy

• Its manufacturing consists of ultra soft, breathable fabrics that stop stains from spills and perspiration

• You can order it in black or white, a designer product that screams out confidence and style with its bold, figure-enhancing look

• The best part about having this shirt is it has no washing limitations, which means it is both machine and hand washable

• Another amazing characteristic of this shirt is it is capable of retaining its unique property for up to 80 wash cycles. This is simply wow, seriously!

• You will be glad to know this, unlike other silica variants that may be toxic, the silica used in this shirt is completely safe and harmless

• It can resist anything from sodas to ketchup to soy sauce and of course water and bacteria. Isn’t this sound interesting?

• How can I miss this one- unlike common shirts, if you wear a silic shirt your sweat will evaporate into the air instead of getting absorbed by the shirt. This is unbelievable!

• This shirt is a naturally antibacterial invention as it does not retain water. And, we all know without water bacteria can’t grow

• Last, but not the least, it feels like a normal shirt. Period!

For the entire day, our clothes come in contact with many things that can damage them be it while eating or drinking. Every time we are conscious about our outfits, but with innovations like Silic Shirt, things have turned to be a bit relaxed. Now no more worrying about clothes! Thus, if you want to enjoy every moment to the fullest, order for yourself this self-cleaning silic shirt and relieve yourself from the burden of heavy washing.