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So, are you planning to get married with your beloved? Well, that’s great news! Congratulations!

Now, this is the right moment for you to choose a place of natural perfection from among the destination wedding locations. What if you are told that there exists such a place where the tropical paradise meets exoticism? Yes, you would find all of it in the heavenly place named Hawaii.


Hawaiian destination wedding is a real bliss in the lives of those couples who are fortunate enough to have savored it all by their own choice! So, to help you with your Hawaii wedding preparations, here are the following things you need to know:

Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal Packages:

To make the Hawaii weddings hustle and stress free for anyone, online wedding planners are available with their appropriate wedding packages at affordable rates. The Hawaii wedding and vow renewal packages range from $300 to $1800. These wedding packages come along with the wedding coordinators who take up the entire responsibility of planning, organizing, and smoothly finishing your Hawaiian wedding.

Different packages come with various types of included services such as finalizing your wedding location, its decoration, welcoming your guests and their accommodation, wedding photography and videography, flowers and decoration, marriage license, registrar’s fees, limousine service, wedding cake, live music, bridal dress and make up, leis, tuxedo rentals, reception, Hawaiian wedding songs and everything else that you can think of.

Some of the high-end packages even let the newlywed couple tour in and around Hawaii on a limousine ride with free wine service. The best part of the Hawaii wedding package is the professional photography and videography.

Many make a mistake of asking their kith and kin to do the photo shoot for them, which somehow turns out to be a disaster if the clicking fingers aren’t professional. To solve this issue, the wedding package offers professional photographers and videographers for you to cherish your fairytale moments lifelong!

It solely rests on your budget to choose the desired wedding package. Each package comes with the best of the facilities that you have ever wished for. With every wedding package, your Hawaii destination wedding is well assured of elements of high-end perfection, beautification, romanticism and saving your money a big time!

•Exotic Venues For Hawaii Weddings:

Each of the eight large islands of the Aloha State provides you with myriad options for the Hawaiian wedding venues.


# Oahu- The third largest Hawaiian Island, well known by the name “ The Gathering Place”, offers you with high-end and alluring destination wedding locations starting from affordable to expensive ones to fit your budget. Some of the iconic wedding destinations in Oahu are:

1. Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel
2. Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort
3. Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina
4. The Kahala Hotel and Resort
5. Angel Garden
6. Hanalani Chapel
7. Paradise Cove Crystal Chapel
8. White Beach Chapel

Besides, there are exotic open beach wedding locations such as Waimanalo Beach, Makapu’u Beach, etc. and other chapels which are ought to give anyone a fairytale wedding experience for a lifetime!

# Maui- In the recent years, Maui has turned out to be the most visited and loved place for Hawaii weddings. The reason is quite obvious. Maui’s exquisite beauty provides the best of the wedding venues with the best of the wedding scenes.

To name just a few:

1. Secret Cove beach
2. Malauka beach
3. Olowalu Sugar Plantation
4. Kapalua Bay
5. Seaside Chapel, Grand Wailea Resort
6. Keawalai Church
7. Wailea Beach Resort- Marriot
8. Royal Lahaina Resort

Apart from these, other lavish islands of Hawaii which include the Big Island, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau, and Kahoolawe also consist of a plenty of wonderful destination wedding locations. Some of which are:

1.Keoneloa Bay, Kauai
2.National Tropical Botanical Garden in Lawai
3.Waioli Huiia Church, Hanalei
4.Four Seasons Resort Lanai
5.Chapel By Sea at the Sheraton Kona Resort and Spa
6.Volcano Treehouse at Kilauea

•Wedding Favors To Offer In The Hawaii Weddings:

Hawaiian weddings are a perfect reflection of the Aloha Spirit. To let the spirit bloom even stronger, sharing a bond of love and affection with your loved ones who take pleasure in witnessing the most happening moment of your life, regard their presence by offering them the wedding favor, which is certainly the best way to acknowledge them.

These wedding return gifts act as a token of love and respect and may include objects of antique Hawaiian interests or any typical modern Hawaiian fancy gift items such as:

1. An orchid Tealight holder
2. Bottle openers pertaining to any specific Hawaiian symbol of trees, animals, etc
3. Personalized wedding flip flops
4. Personalized rock glass
5. Textured gold votive holder
6. Gold bottle opener
7. Ceramic lanterns
8. Fragrances

Isn’t the Hawaii destination wedding so heavenly? With so many unique preparations, it certainly is. And, the best part is planning for a Hawaii wedding will not even burn a hole in your pocket, the way our traditional weddings usually do. And, this makes it truly a budget-friendly affair.

The sun, the beach, luscious greenery, lustful backdrop scenes, the vast sandy stretch, those limited number of invited guests, and you and your partner tying the holy knot for a lifetime and kissing each other. Oh, what a beautiful moment to live and to be captured forever!

Yes, this is the Hawaii Destination Wedding! Purely Natural and Completely Divine!

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