Global Smart Hands Business: Helping Colocation Providers

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We have seen new colocation market trends for Datacenters during pandemic times. IT pros tap into the remote/smart hands businesses to get field services.

Data Center Management – Remote Smart Hands Support

Remote Smart Hands Service is the normal name for the support offered by data center colocation providers that allow customers to employ IT management and maintenance field specialists in a space facility to enlist IT, providers.

How Does Remote / Smart Hands Business Help Your Data Center?

External smart hands support refers to a service where colocation data centers can perform distinctive on-site field services to assist their clients. The FE data center support services offered as a part of external field services vary from one provider to another. But, as a rule, data center employees can offer IT services, for example, installing a data center’s new equipment, replacing a failed drive, monitoring equipment status, or even a server power cycle.

Potentially the main thing to consider about external smart hands organizations is that while some space providers offer external smart hands as a service from their clients, others request remote specialists. This empowers the co-location provider to confine the physical access to the data center, accordingly assisting with making the data center environment secure.

The significance of remote/smart hands experts

If a company chooses to recruit data center support from a service provider, it is significant for the provider about remote/smart hands manual help. By contacting remote/smart hands, clients can focus on internal exercises with their organization and prevent them from being sent to the field by technical staff.

This is particularly significant if the field location is a long way from the main location. Finally, you would not have any desire to send somebody from an IT driver to a remote data center in the night for simple things like cycling the sender control.

Access to remote/smart hands support is another significant reason, as service issues have a way of arguing at midnight, weekends, or holidays. Most remote smart hands support services are accessible 24/7/367. For any situation, they can provide data center support when nobody is free in the organization’s IT office.

Remote/Smart Hands Services

Even though these integrations vary by provider, the Remote Smart Hands service often covers a wide range of capacities, including:

  • Network management or maintenance of network cables
  • Network switch and router configurations
  • Server updates and reboots
  • Equipment replacing or installing hardware and software
  • Power drive
  • Stock administration and labeling
  • Receiving transportation and requests
  • Hardware Performance Reporting
  • Survey

Remote hands and smart hands

Some arrangement service providers offer all of the previously mentioned data center services as a part of a remote service. Other service providers recognize remote and smart hands.

For these service providers, remote services provide an extremely low level of IT support. These types of remote applications may incorporate cycling server power, checking the status with the backlight, reporting status back to clients, or disconnecting and reconnecting equipment.

Conversely, the smart hand goes beyond the essentials. Smart hands applications can cover things like getting equipment shipments or placing equipment. Also, smart hands professionals can fix hardware, for example, replacing a damaged hard drive or power supply unit.

If a Colocation data center service provider offers both a remote and a smart hands service, the two services will charge various costs. Some service providers offer free mobile field services, however, clients are charged an hourly smart hands service.

Remote/global smart hands business – Benefiting the customers and products

Noticeable data center providers offer remote and smart hands support services. FE Data Centers Support Services is a part of the vendors that provide remote/smart hands field services to clients.

The price of remote/smart hands services changes from data center providers. A few companies are needed to submit an invoice within 30 minutes; Some allow clients to pay a fixed amount for hourly/day by day/month to month/yearly service, while others charge a cost for remote/smart hands supports to be collected from one month to another. Some data center providers bill them through apps, while others team various levels of service.

A Change in Mindset

The Field Engineer platform is seeking a minimal staffing policy, even though its present procedure is to diminish the time spent by every field worker in its assigned portfolio. FE is progressively using its smart hands’ services to minimize client visits to sites. Data Center Providers and their clients have progressively depended on smart hands services and remote service management tools.

In areas with more confirmed COVID-19 cases, all visitors to IBX [International Business Exchange] should have their temperature checked by the security workforce using non-contact infrared thermometers.

Individuals with a body temperature above 37.3 degrees C (99.1 degrees F) won’t be admitted.

For some data centers, new offsite workers are facility managers who have been told to stay at home except if their presence is unavoidable.

Administrators receiving a two-shift 12-hour methodology will sequester the third shift by keeping staff on reserve in case any of the main field service team show symptoms.

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