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Your water tank needs routine cleaning operations to keep the water inside the tank pure and fresh all time. Most of the people clean their domestic water storage tanks themselves. There are some steps that make the task easy for you. In this blog, Penguin Tank would discuss the steps you should follow and at the same time the equipment you should collect for cleaning your water tank yourself.

What are the main appliances for cleaning a water tank?

In order to clean a plastic water storage tank, basic tools are needed that are easily available at your home.

  1. A sponge-headed mop with an adjustable rod
  2. Liquid bleach
  3. Eye protection
  4. One-use gloves
  5. Plenty of water

Aren’t these handy? Now, let’s move to the next part.

What are the steps one should follow to clean a water tank?

  • At first, you need to drain the whole water from the tank. Making your water tank empty is the first and foremost step that is strictly not skippable. You need to make sure that the tank is fully vacant. For that, use a cotton towel to soak the remaining moisture inside the tank.
  • Now comes the most crucial part of the cleaning session. With the help of the power washers, you may clean the interior. In case if you don’t have the power washer, you can use hand-bristled brushes, mops with adjustable sticks, or any type of cleaning tool that works great for scrubbing the walls of the tank.
  • Next, rinse out the dirt which is the outcome of scrubbing.
  • At the next step, don’t forget to wear your gloves and eye protection because you need to use the liquid bleach at the interior part now.
  • Leave the tank at least for two hours so that the bleach can work on the contaminants.
  • After two hours, rinse the tank thoroughly again. Note that you have to be more careful this time. Make sure that no bleach is left behind as it turns to be extremely toxic when it gets mixed up with water.
  • Coming at the final stage, when the tank is clean and bleach-free, refill the tank again and use the water for various purposes as your wish.

Sincerely follow the above-mentioned steps and make your tank look brand new again.