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The farming process is said to be successfully completed when the harvesting gets done efficiently and profitably. The use of harvesting combines has greatly transformed the whole process. However, the use of the right kind of concaves can enhance the process even further. It is here that the XPR concaves stand out from the rest of the concaves in making a big difference to the whole operation.

Functions of combine concaves:

A combine is a very useful and large farm machine that cuts, threshes and cleans the grain. The addition of the right type of concaves helps to make it more efficient and productive. The combine concaves produce friction among the crop, the rotating cylinder and the concave to help the threshing process. The gap between the cylinder and the concave can be varied to suit the specific need.

Features and Benefits of the XPR concaves:

XPR Concave System is based on a highly advanced combine concave technology and makes a real difference to each stage of the harvesting process.

A casual look at the XPR concave system may not reveal the special features incorporated in this system. But a careful and detailed examination of the system reveals its superior threshing and separation ability whatever the crop we are dealing with. It is far ahead of other models in terms of efficiency and productivity because that is the way it is designed with improved bars, spacing, cover plates and the like.

This means that the farmers can expect to carry out better threshing and separating without significant rotor loss or loss/damage to grains.

The way the XPR concaves achieve such result is interesting. XPR systems are designed to maximize the threshing process which is recognized as the most crucial step in the harvesting process. It makes use of a notched bar which is carefully designed to achieve about 140% more threshing surface area as compared to the conventional round bar concaves.

This implies that the grain gets threshed faster and better without tailings and whitecaps. Also, the threshed grain is captured and removed much faster so that grain damage is reduced.

A great feature of the system is the Xtreme Separation Grate that incorporates 143 disrupter fingers that fluff and toss the crop properly and realizing the grain into the sieve instead of being lost. This one step saves a lot of loss of grain.

Another advantage is that XPR concaves work well with any and every type of crop. It adapts to the demands of each crop being harvested. For example, in the case of wheat, which is a tough crop to thresh, the cover plates in the XPR system retain the crop in the threshing action for a longer duration to ensure complete threshing. This feature helps farmers since they don’t have to waste valuable time and effort in changing the concave when they need to move from one crop to another.

The XPR Concaves for various quality combines represents one of the best and advanced systems. Its performance is far better than other combine concaves available in the market in every aspect of harvesting. Farmers who invest on XPR concave system are assured of a smooth and hassle free harvesting experience and handsome returns.

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