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Are you a kind of man who wants to look good but doesn’t want to spend their whole time in front of the mirror? Well, no need to panic as here’s the basic guide to mens fashion for you to look stylish, and this will not even take your time.

The best wear that defines the elegance of a man is the suit, but this is also true that not everyone can carry it nicely only a few of them can wear it better. There are many kinds of suits that are available in the market today but what matter is that what looks best on your personality. The best suit for you is the one that can express your individual style. Want to look incredible and entirely different? Then, it is important to know that how would you choose a great suit for yourself. There are varieties of mens suit available,but it will compliment when you find the one that will appreciate your style and individuality.

mens fashion

1. For the best look, go for the jacket that will suit you

When you are going for the jacket, make sure to consider its pockets, vents, buttons and lapels properly. All these complete the look of a gentleman.

2. Look for your body shape if you want to look perfect in that suit

It is important to find the outfit that will suit you the best as the short men can’t wear that is meant for a taller guy or vice versa.

◊ Men who are short in height must go for the dark color and vertical stripes. If you want to add a jacket, then go for two buttons with lapels and vents.

◊ Men who have the muscular physique should go for the suit whose jacket consists of the padded shoulders, lapels and slightly length longer.

◊ Light colors and check patterns are perfect for tall men.

◊ The suit that includes vertical lines and dark tones are best for heavier men.

3. Measurement plays the important role

You’ll never get the look if you miss out the measurements from shoulders, back, chest, biceps, arms, and waist.

4. A suit should be the combination of patterns, fabrics, and colors

Go for the colors like black, gray, brown and navy blue with fabrics like cotton, wool, and linen. Patterns can be made for the casual occasions like windowpane plaid, stripes, and herringbone.

Shoes, another piece of men’s fashion when combined with the suit will make it look perfect. You might think that this is just the small component of your dressing,but they are worth putting extra effort. The personality of men or any human is based on their shoes. A great pair of shoes is essential for any men’s closet. Follow this simple mens shoe guide to get that flawless look.

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Monk straps for the casual look

The beautiful design and style of the shoes are what makes it different. The shoes consist of the metal buckle and leather strap that can be paired with jeans, suits or to the office.

Make yourself comfortable into the loafers

The loafer is a shoe that has no buckles and laces. They are the ones that can be worn either on the formal or non-formal occasions. These pair of shoes will make you look classy.


Another kind of shoes that you can wear and will also make you look stylish include balmorals that are sleek in style and are available in the colors black, brown, chestnut, etc. Boots that are made to protect your ankles in bad weather and look fabulous with casual wear.

Men are the ones who always want to look professional and simple, so they can’t risk themselves ona cheap fashion style. Mens handbag when in combination with smart suit and shoes completes the perfect look. When it comes to choosing a bag, manis equally choosy like women. Here are some of the handbags that are the hottest as per today’s lifestyle.

» The Folio

Whether you are in your jeans or just being casual, Folio is something that can be carried with almost everything you wear.

» The cross body type for casual look

The leather look is something that adds style and class to your outfit. Keep it simple and stylish for the best look.

» The Tote

Use the bag for keeping your keys, phone, laptop or notebook as it is just like the stylish bag available.

So, for all the handsome men out there, follow these men’s fashion styling tips to get that best look.