7 Tips That Will Help An IT Guy to Style Better

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IT is known for its corporate fashion setting. In order to style better, take time to choose stylish footwear, white and blue shirts, dark fitted jeans, trousers. Speak about your personality through your classic outfit! Be the man of class!

Today, we all work in a corporate sector, which means not just your technical skills, but how presentable you are also counts. Known for its conservative, very professional and formal environment, IT is also popular for its corporate fashion etiquettes. Working in an IT company doesn’t mean you should look like every other cubicle-bound lazy lad at the office. It wants you to adopt a business casual look, which is both cool and professional. For an IT guy, who spends his entire day in office, dressing sharp is the first step to becoming a professional.

However, knowing the fashion trends is not what makes the man, but the right dress sense can give a young man precious seconds to make his presence felt with his influential persona. Your crisp, clean, and a well-fitted attire encourages others to take you more seriously. The way you style yourself speaks a lot about your personality, even before you open up your mouth. And, for the guy with an IT background, his men’s fashion sense has to be good. This is because you can’t think of climbing the corporate ladder in your ill-fitting shirts, loose trousers, and those undefined blazers. Your dress sense portrays your seriousness. You should not look like as if you are sleepy, tired and in no mood to take the corporate responsibilities.

Till now you must have got the idea how your way of dressing plays an important role in a corporate sector. So it’s time to make those necessary acquisitions and make your wardrobe IT ready. Discussed below are some interesting styling tips which every IT guy must use to style up differently.


# Tip1: Start Dressing Up Your Footwear First

Someone has rightly said that a gentleman is judged from the shoes he wears. So, the very first step in looking stylish is to have the right pair of footwear. The quality and comfort of good shoes are sure to pay you dividends down the road. For a sharp and professional dressing, this point is worth considering.

#Tip 2: Dress Like a Man, Not a Boy

Guys should not forget that their dress sense is what forms their first perception, therefore, keep it manly. Avoid wearing boyish clothes to your workplace. In such clothes, you will be treated like a boy with no real world experience. Age your look a little, dress up like a man and get the respect you deserve from older men in your office. When in office, say no to your ultracasual clothes like T-shirts, cargo pants, shorts etc.

#Tip 3: Fashion Trends are for Boys, Ignore Them

Trends come and go. They are not meant for people who are there for something bigger. Real men should go with dressier clothes that speak to their maturity. For an IT guy, it is important to stick to classics for that powerful image. Avoid anything out of the box.

#Tip 4: Your Closet Must Have One Good Suit

While working in an IT company, you will need a decent suit at some point of time. Get it stitched according to your fitting for that occasional sharp-dressed young men look. Charcoal gray and navy blue are the colours to go with. Seriously, it’s worth the effort.

#Tip 5: Have a Stock of White and Blue Shirts for a Professional Look

The backbone of a sharp wardrobe, whites and blues make up 90% of the dress shirts. The best part about having them is that they look good on most complexions and body types. Just have them in good stock.

#Tip 6: Make Room for Lots of Dark Fitted Jeans and Know When to Wear Them

No doubt jeans styles change every now and then, but an IT guy should always stick to the basics for that smart business-casual look. So, don’t hesitate to buy dark fitted jeans for yourself.

#Tip 7: Trousers are the New Trend, Try to Look Beyond Denims

Jeans can’t fetch you that macho man looks which your trousers can. To look professional and sharper at social occasions, you must go with well cut and classically styled trousers. They will speak volumes about your personality.

Time to rebuild your wardrobe guys! Incorporate something unique in you for a complete boy to man transformation. Hurry! Get started today!

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