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Fashion is rightly defined as the current prevailing style in a particular period. It evolves 365 days a year and every day is truly a new day in the fashion industry. Thanks to the god gifted creativity of the fashion designers worldwide that bring up an ever ready fashion line up spreading new fashion trends every day. Today’s trend sees up as men and women being equally conscious about their looks and style. Men Fashion trends have seen an abnormal rise post world-war. Not just that there are certain men fashion trends that have literally gone out of fashion and if your wardrobe still possesses these following 10 kinds of stuff it’s never too late to show them the municipality bin:

1. Fur Coats

Thanks to Kanye West and his clothing line for introducing men fur coat but I think we literally have had enough of wearing the fur coat and looking like a far off member of the bear clan. It’s nice if you wish to donate it someone who needs it more than your wardrobe.

2. Five Toe Shoes

Can’t really understand why someone invented such kind of shoes, anyway they look quite ugly no matter if you wear them or not. Monsterous feet is I can actually relate them. No matter whatever their usage is you are into the category of those realize fashion trends 2017 which really need to be called off.

3. Harem Pants

Unless you are Alladin’s Jasmine, you better part away with this kind of pants. These fashion trend should have been called off since they were launched, cause it’s not eye-pleasing seeing loose hanging fabrics in between your legs.

4. Shutter Shades

I know most of the party freaks out there will not agree with me, but seriously no one wants to have a hangover after the party. Shutter shades are cool only for the party unless wearing them outside only blurs your vision and nothing is so cool about them wearing out on normal days.

5. Spandex

One of the creepiest thing ever made for men’s wear, wearing a body fitted latex suit won’t do any good to you or your body parts whether you are at the gym or somewhere else. Obviously, you know that no one is into you that much to judge your booty shape from outside a tight fitted suit.

6. Wallet Chains

Is it some kind of a guard against your denim pocket or what? This outdated rapper kind of accessory just shouldn’t stay in 2017 cause such old school things makes your jeans turn up heavier besides providing any protection.

7. Cargo Pants

The name itself sounds like something made up of a heavy fiber, yet not to underestimate the fact that these are comfortable as anything, but anyhow it’s time for our designers to invent something new and we say good bye to this heavy men fashion trends which was quite desirable.

8. Combat Cuff Buttons Down shirt

I really never understood this kind of shirt for a simple reason using two different shirt patterns one an overall another just onto the cuffs with a button placed upside down. Honestly, there is no use of the button being placed upside down neither it beautifies the shirt and also provides no utility.

9. Leather Cuffs

It’s a gentleman’s world and for once let’s stop behaving like ruthless boys going to watch a rock show. Leather cuffs were totally in, in the 90’s but have lost their charm by 2017. These days sleek metal cuffs that are quite unique in design are the latest mens fashion trends 2017.

10. Long T-Shirts

The rapper industry should realise that wearing ill-fitted long t-shirts isn’t cool anymore. They are outdated and makes a person look out of place, yet men consider wearing them thinking they are in trend, but guys we really need to give ourselves a break from such kind of fashion disasters and focus onto dressing smartly even if we want to put on casual wear.

If your wardrobe has any of these stuff feel free to get rid of them right now and go to your nearby store and freshen up your wardrobe with the latest style statement pieces. If you need any tips on men fashion trends feel free to check out our website for a perfect guide to men’s fashion.

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