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Nowadays the gym wear is not only limited to the gym, rather they have become popular as casual wear too. Fitness and style both are necessary among youth nowadays. It is an ideal athleisure that is in trend among the fitness freak. It is one of the best outfits for men in summer. The good part about these vests is that they can be paired with different bottoms of matching color. 

Everyone likes to look stylish in the attire and they wear the attire according to the season and climate. Even going to the gym requires a proper dress up. You can choose your gym clothes according to the type of workout you do. A different outfit for yoga day, leg day and heavy workout days. Many of you may be confused about what to choose and what to not. So here we have a simple guide that will tell you what you can pick. 

Athletic Tank Top

These tops are specially designed for workouts and exercise. They are made of a stretchable material that is flexible and gives you an easy movement while you are performing the exercises. They are common among both men and women and are popularly worn at the gym. These tops are worn along shorts, track pants and joggers. Sometimes men also prefer to wear it along with jeans when they are wearing it as a casual wear.  

 Custom Tank Top

The custom tank tops are the casual ones with a round neck and a sleeveless pattern. They are worn on daily wear and apart from the gym they can also be worn at beach, at club parties and at a casual meet. They are one of the best alternatives to a half sleeve t-shirt. Pairing this one with shorts on weight lifting day is one of the best combinations for men. A pair of sneakers and an arm belt will complete the look.     

 Muscle Tank Top 

The muscle tank tops have bigger arm holes as compared to the casual tank tops. They are known to be the best stringers for men at the gym. They are made of a breathable and absorbent material that has the ability to absorb sweat and moisture at optium. These tops are available in many different fabrics and you have a variety of color choices. If you are willing to show your biceps then this will be the right pick. 

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T-back Tank Top

The stylish top with at-back and a high round neck in front is a highly preferred gym vest by men. Either you are lifting weight or are performing any sports activity then you should definitely choose this one. They are usually made of lightweight fabrics such as rayon, cotton and spandex that give a fresh and cool feel while you are doing the workout. It usually has big arm holes and the necklines may differ.    

Printed Tank Top

It’s not that men can’t wear pastels or prints. They can surely wear it and nowadays even these colors are in trend. A pastel pink tank top or peach gym stringers paired with a black sweatpant looks just perfect. The one having some geometrical prints and lines on the top makes it look even more adoring. Wearing this top with knee length shorts or a gripped jogger will make a right gym wear. 

Hooded Tank Top 

Another one in the list is a hooded tank top. They are more popular in winters and you don’t need to compromise with your style while you wear it. These tops are usually made of cotton which controls sweat and even controls cold. It will be stylish as well as an eligible gym wearer. You just need to add a right bottom and wear a proper pair of sneakers to complete the entire gym look. 

You can pair all these tops with different types of bottoms. These sleeveless vests look amazing with shorts, joggers, sweatpants and track pants. Sometimes men aslos pair it with denims for a casual appeal. 

Types of Bottoms

Here are some of the bottoms for the gym.

Joggers: If you are willing to wear something baggy yet stylish then you should choose a jogger that has a grip at the ankle giving a proper fit while you wear it. The hooded tank top and muscle tank top will look dashing with this bottom.  

Shorts: In hot and bright weather you prefer to wear something light in weight yet comfortable that even looks awesome when worn at gym or while performing sports such as football, volleyball or basketball.  

 Sweat pants: The sweat pants are not too loose and not too fitted. They are breezy and flexible and are usually ankle length, therefore, it looks amazing with stringers, tank tops, sweatshirts and other gym t-shirts. 

 Track pants: When there is nothing to choose then choose gym track pants for men. These pants are most commonly parallel from waist to ankle and give a loose-fitting to the wearer. They are perfect to choose for summers if they are made of cotton and other breathable fabrics.   

While travelling you think of wearing something that is comfortable and fancy to look at. The reason behind choosing this attire is that it is totally flexible and gives an easy movement while sitting and walking. Along with it you also need to add some accessories such as socks, shoes, smartwatch and a cap.