When you plan to enhance the production of your product or launch a new idea more than being exciting, it’s scary. Customers often get bored with a particular type of product and desire a new variant. That’s how uncertain any business can be regarding its position in the market if they don’t satisfy their customer’s needs. To know what a customer world prefers, it is highly recommended to consult a production management company that can help you enhance productivity with Lean consulting strategies and Total Productivity Management (TPM) as they are a specialist in analysing what the present preference of the customers are and how to satisfy them. Apart from this, various other things need to be taken care of while improving the product’s quality or changing it.


Before you step into this experimental part of new production, understand that you have to have good planning done before it all begins. Lack of planning and use of older techniques and an inexperienced workforce have often led to several major product failures. That’s what has led to the downfall of various companies even after doing all the physical labour and hard work.  


  • Analyze the size of the opportunity and not the market: When you are a part of a market, you don’t do production just to rank higher in the list as compared to your competitors. What’s essential for you to consider is the size of the opportunity that has walked up to you and is your company strong enough to do all that is required to improve the production process. For example, suppose you know that the machinery you have, the labor force and the expertise needed for the opportunity are not up to the mark in your company. You will have to first change all that, head for optimization of all the available resources, and then step ahead to improve the product. So your opportunity also has a lot of factors included in them. Being careful about how to utilize the opportunity and not your market competitiveness is the first important factor. 


  • Filter your Ideas: When you plan for a new product, the chances are high that you will get multiple ideas in your mind. Well, know which one to pick and what to filter. Not all ideas can be practical in real life, as some pop up out of excitement, some out of fear of the competitive market and some out of the calculation. Pick the calculative ones. The best way to plan a new product or improve a product is to give yourself and your experts enough time. The more time they take, the better ideas they come out with. Secondly, when you plan something, don’t give commitments before your entire plan is ready. Understand that thoughts take time to settle and emerge as an idea that’s practically possible. Filtering one idea over filters like cost, expertise, time, and customer preferences are needed.  While implementing an idea, do not forget that this is not a one-time thing, so it’s not advisable to invest all you have for one plan. 


  • Identify the problem areas: Just because your idea seems fine and everything is aligned to the production or enhancement of this new product, that does not mean there are no pain areas. Every time a new production happens, some areas show troubles, but you tend to avoid it because of the excitement of this new production. Don’t do that. To enjoy the revenue and position that the success of this new product is most likely to fetch you, it’s essential that you get rid of all the problematic areas or else piling up of all those can bring troubles later. 


  • Involve the customer early: The last step is to get validation. If yours is a new company and you have planned to enhance the production quality, you will most likely be scared. You can do a product sampling survey on a few customers, which will be in the cycle of this new idea. Do a small amount of production, give it to these customers for free, let them use it and provide you with feedback, and according to that, you can plan things. Have certainty while production will anyway motivate and help you take the idea ahead even more seriously.


Often Forgotten:


Your business is a part of your daily life, So in this run to secure a higher position, you cannot compromise on the mental peace you have. An idea can be good or bad, but for the longevity of your business, it’s essential for you to stay motivated all the time. Unfortunately, this is a point that people forget most of the time and overdo things. Therefore, all the above factors can only work if this point stays as your priority. 

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