Are Backpacks Really Prone to Theft?

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Are you fond of using backpacks? Well, you are not alone. I also prefer using backpacks instead of other kinds of bags such as shoulder bags and handbags. Even though I am a girl, I love using backpacks since it is not just comfortable to use but also it can be brought to different places without any hassle. It also has a lot of compartments that all of my things can be neatly arranged with it. But unfortunately, I have this one concern whenever I use backpacks and I believe it could also be one of the things that bother other people as well. And that is, backpack’s being more open to theft.

Since backpacks are usually carried on the back, the carrier tends to pay lesser attention to it as compared to other bags that are often carried in front or on the side. Since it is usually left unattended, thieves attention are focused on them. Given this reason, it only goes to show how risky it could possibly be when using backpacks instead of using other kinds of bag.


It feels bad when you lose things, right? Especially if it is something very important to you or something that cost a lot. I have this one instance years ago that I will never forget when someone tried to open my backpack from behind when I was just in highschool. During that time, thieves were rampant and they often look at students as victims. I was just walking along the road that time when I suddenly felt uneasy. There were two men behind me and my guts say they were up to no good. So I tried to touch my bag. To my surprise, I found my bag half-open and the guys behind me started to walk faster to escape. I was startled as I opened my bag and tried to check if anything has been stolen. God has been good, not a thing was lost.

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This experience is the reason why whenever I use backpacks, I often carry it in front or with just one shoulder now. Though it is quite better since it adds a little assurance for me that all my stuffs inside my backpack are safe, bringing the bag that way really feels uncomfortable. But obviously I do not have a choice but to endure it only so I could protect my belongings.

Just when I was about to get used with that situation, I suddenly came across one of these anti-theft backpacks. Australia-based online shop YrGear is selling this Kingston Water-Resistant Anti-Theft Backpack. I became so curious about it since it was like my first time to encounter such bag.

What I loved about the bag is that, it is not just shockproof but also waterproof. I can even use it like one of those laptop bags. It also comes with a hidden headphone plug rod and output, which enables you to play music or use your headphones anytime without any hassle. The online shop offers it at less than 210 bucks, which I consider a decent price for such a high-quality and nice product. I would definitely want to try this backpack soon. With this, I will no longer have problems with thieves in whatever way I will carry my bag.

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