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The Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

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Plastic surgery gradually becomes popular each year. Men and women both are taking the benefits of plastic surgery because these kinds of surgery eliminate your ailment along with the flaws and offer an aesthetic appearance.

The most popular plastic surgery procedures are listed below.

  1. Liposuction

A cosmetic procedure is performed to remove excess fat from a specific area of the body where exercise doesn’t provide effective results. Liposuction is designed to remove only unwanted fat; it doesn’t become applicable to remove cellulite or tighten up saggy skin. During the liposuction procedure, the surgeon will insert a thin hollow tube through a minimal incision in the targeted area. It moves around under the skin, and suction is attached to the top of the tube. The suction pulls out the excess fat from the targeted area. The liposuction machine acts as a mini vacuum cleaner. It can remove fat from almost any part of your body, including the abdomen, arms, chest, face, thighs, back, hips, and chin.

Modern medical science has discovered a total of six types of liposuction procedures, including Laser liposuction, Tumescent, lipolysis, Vaser, power-assisted, and super-wet liposuction. They have different purposes and significance.

Breast Augmentation

The medical terminology of breast augmentation or implantation is augmentation mammoplasty. It is surgery conduct to achieve perfect breast volume and shape. In this procedure, the surgeon places breast implants under breast tissues. Women wish to get augmentation mammoplasty to enlarge, reshape their breast, the sign of feminine.

Mammoplasty is a process where a surgeon uses a breast implant to enlarge breast size. An implant is a sac filled with sterile saline or silicone. It is an outpatient surgery. The patient doesn’t need to stay in the hospital overnight. They receive general anesthesia at the time of surgery to make the complete procedure painless. Sometimes doctors prefer to use local anaesthesia to numb the breast area to block the pain.

Women choose breast augmentation to get 100% results because the success rate is high. For most patients, breast augmentation has become a life-changing decision. They get back their confidence, self-esteem, and happiness with their body.

Breast augmentation can give you a more confident outlook if you have a naturally small bust size or lost volume and shape due to aging or pregnancy


Rhinoplasty is a surgery on the nose to change its structure and shape and improve its function. It’s also known as the nose job.

Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed to solve any medical ailment related to the nose. For example, it can correct breathing problems, restructure the nose after any trauma or congenital disability associated with the nose.

Apart from medical reasons, rhinoplasty surgeries can be done for cosmetic reasons also. Here the purpose is to improve the appearance of your nose. Rhinoplasty or nose job is considered an outpatient procedure; it means you don’t need to stay overnight in the hospital. Instead, the surgeon will give your local anaesthesia to get deep sleep through the operation

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is an aesthetic cosmetic procedure. It is also known as eyelift and blepharoplasty. This plastic surgery is performed to remove puffiness and bags under the eyes, also capable of removing excess skin above the eyes. The result of eyelift surgery is amazing. You will get a more rested and youthful look. It also fixes the vision complications caused due to droopy eyelids.

Tummy Tuck Surgery or Abdominoplasty

The medical terminology of tummy tuck surgery is abdominoplasty. It is a cosmetic surgery procedure to improve your abdominal appearance by removing extra fat and skin from the abdomen. The fascia or connective tissue of the abdomen gradually tightened with structure. Then, the remaining skin is get repositioned to create a more toned abdominal presence.

Tummy suction surgery is applicable for both women and men plastic surgery. A Person often chooses tummy suction surgery if he/she has excess fat around the belly button or in the lower abdominal wall. A tummy tuck surgery reconstructs your body image by reducing the extra load from the abdominal area


The facelift or rhytidectomy is a surgical solution to remove wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. The facelift cosmetic procedure tightens your skin and provides a more youthful facial appearance. The facelift procedure is frequently combined with eyelid shaping, skin peels, and forehead lift to enhance the youthful appearance of the face.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Women with very heavy and saggy breasts struggle with many problems. They often feel embarrassed about their appearance, struggle to find out well-fitted clothes, experience chronic back pain along with poor posture. Breast reduction surgery reduces both the size and weight of the breast, reduction of the breast will relieve you from chronic back pain, and get an improved posture.

It is considered the permanent solution for heavy and saggy breasts. It is capable of eliminating all kinds of the inappropriateness of women’s breasts.

If you are thinking about taking any of the above-mentioned cosmetic procedures, take consultation from an experienced cosmetic surgeon. To find out the best one, search on google “plastic surgery near me” and review the result.

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