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Step-Up Into the Smart World of Smart Suitcase


Since the origin of mankind, one thing that has been consistently going on are the inventions and innovations for making life on earth easier and more comfortable. The human being possess extraordinary abilities to think, reason and answer which makes them stand out of all the other living on the planet. The very step towards evolution of technology was taken by the primitive human beings with the development of hand axes, since then invention of fire, wheel, clothes, money, paper, railways, steamships, airplanes, space crafts and lately the introduction to internet has proved that it is the need for fulfilling the necessities of life that today we have achieved such high levels of technological advancements which were nearly an impossible to even think of 100-200 years ago.

And one such area where technology has enormously revolutionized is the air travel. From the very first human flight in the hot air balloon to the Air bus 380, the 20th century and the on going 21st century has seen massive changes in the way we travel. Not only the means of transportation have evolved over time but also our travel accessories and luggage carriers have undergone a change from simple hand bags to smart suitcases. The latest invention that has literally changed the way we travel is the smart suitcase developed by BLUESMART ONE named after the manufacturing company itself i.e. BLUESMART INC.

BLUESMART ONE is a one in all next generation smart suitcase developed to provide comfortable traveling experience to its user. It is a one of kind suitcase that can communicate with its user, using a smart phone application. BLUESMART ONE is rightly called the iPhone of luggage bags, just as iPhone are the most desirable devices in the smart phone industry, so is the BLUESMART ONE in the smart luggage industry.



MATERIAL– Weather-resistant hard shell poly carbonated body with nylon front compartment.

DIMENSIONS– Measures-22’’*4’’*9’’ Standard carry on size for all major airlines.


STORAGE– 34L Packing Volume ,15’’ Laptop Compartment

LOCATION TRACKING– Equipped with 3G Cellular Data and GPS

APP COMMUNICATION– Bluetooth Control Lock and Functionality

COMPATIBILITY– IOS 8.0 or Later and Android 4.4 and above

USB PORTS– 2 Standard USB Ports (One USB Charging Cable Included)

BATTERY– 10,400 mAh Capacity, Charge Phone 5-6x

WARRANTY– 2 Years against defect in material and electronic defects. TSA Approved Lock FF A-Complaint Batter and 3G

COLOUR– Black and Blue Accents

RETURN POLICY– Return within 100 days return, No question asked

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BLUESMART ONE is More than Just a Smart Suitcase, It is a Personal Travel Assistant and the Following Features Prove this-

1. LOCATION TRACKER– BLUESMART ONE Provides with the easy access of a smartphone to track your luggage from anywhere in the world. If your bluesmart is ever by mistake left from you like forgotten in the cab or re-routed by an airline or some kind of theft takes place, you can use your suitcase’s 3G+GPS capabilities to track the location from anywhere in the world. Bluesmart Inc. Provide global coverage in partnership with telefonia and the customer need not require to any subscription fees for this.


2. BATTERY CHARGER– BLUESMART ONE comes with an inbuilt battery of about 10,400 mAh that allows you to charge your electronic devices upto 6 times. Bluesmart understand your need to stay connected while you travel and here it has a solution to your problem.


3. DIGITAL SCALE– The app allows you to check and weigh your bag right on your phone to avoid any extra charges to be paid at the airport. Just lift the bag for 15 seconds and the app will confirm the weight of the suitcase.


4. REMOTE LOCK– The suitcase comes with remote digital lock by TSA that can be assessed through the smart phone app. The makers of the Bluesmart One have provided another extraordinary feature of Self-Locking. In case you run out of Bluetooth range from your bag, you’ll get a proximity alert and the bag will lock itself.

5. SEPARATE COMPARTMENTS FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES– BLUESMART ONE comes with separate space for the electronic devices that allows you to excess your electronics easily while going through security checks at the airport. This compartment is at the front of the suitcase designed especially to hold and protect the devices.

A detailed insight into the traits of BLUESMART ONE as provided by our experts–

BLUESMART ONE comes with a lot of advanced features such as the ability to lock your own bag through the use of mobile app, weighting itself, charging your USB devices and an in built location tracker. On the outside, the suitcase looks sleek and is extremely light weight. It comes with a rubber grip which is nice and comfortable to touch and has four wheels which provide easy rolling. Bluesmart is more suitable for business travel and less for adventure backpacking travel. The bluesmart provides space which is more suitable for a weekly trip rather than a long vacation.


So for people who have business meet-ups every month you are good to go with this smart suitcase by bluesmart. All the smart features can be easily assessed on both IOS devices and Android as well which make it more suitable and preferable travelling suitcase. Moreover it has a smart and stylish outlook which is perfect to add grace to your classy outfits. The 2 year warranty program and 100-day return policy without any objections makes it stand out of the other products in the smart luggage industry.

Hence bluesmart covers all your travel needs and it is a must-have smart suitcase of this generation.

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