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How to DM a Girl on Instagram You Don’t Know

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If you feel like interacting with a beautiful girl on Instagram, you should never send her a direct message right away. You are likely to get blocked out of her profile and friend list. It makes sense too. Why would a girl like to text you back if she does not know you from adam? On her social profiles, you are just another friend unless you two know each other personally. 

Sending the first message to a girl may be quite intimidating as you don’t know where to start the conversation from, however today we are going to share some tips with you on how to DM a girl on Instagram you don’t know.

Attractive Profile:

You must have a decent and attractive profile if you wish to get the attention of any girl on Instagram. Make sure to post good content on your page, write a good bio, and post your best pictures. You must show your profile in a positive light if you intend to message a girl with the hope of getting a positive response in return.

Communicate Nicely:

It is totally fine for you to go through her profile pictures, her media content, and everything that she is posting on her profile. Never write flirtatious comments on Instagram posts, videos, and images because girls absolutely hate men who use flirty lingo in the comments. If she has posted a recent picture of herself you can write a nice comment on her profile and praise her beauty. Adore her in the best way but it does not mean you should keep posting comments throughout the day. One comment on her best picture once a day would be more than enough. It’s just for letting your presence known by her, nothing more and nothing less.

No Bombardment: 

As a man, it is natural to feel a crush on beautiful girls and women. However, you should never cross the boundaries because if you keep sending direct messages to a girl she will end up blocking you. Therefore you must avoid bombarding her inbox with the message and it will also make her look at you as a predictor or flirty man using the internet just for relationships. It will portray you as someone that you are not in real life. Do not flood her with too many messages by writing random hi, hello, and hey. She will feel frustrated with you and get rid of you. In order to ask her out you first need to build a good and trustworthy relationship with her. And it simply does not happen just like that in a day or two. Put some effort into building the trust level and go for friendship.


Best Ways to DM a Girl on Instagram


Now we will talk about some of the best ways through which you can communicate with a girl. For starting the conversation you must use one of these sentences to get a prompt response from her side. 


  • Hey there, what’s up. I went through your photos, where were they taken? The place seems to be beautiful and serene. 
  • I just don’t want to bother you, it’s just that I wanted to stop by and say hi. I love everything that you post on your profile. You can message me back if you are interested in having some conversation about anything. 
  • I rarely send direct messages to girls but I found your trip photos to be very fascinating. What was the food like there and when did you take those photos? I must say that they are super amazing. 
  • I am writing to ask you how you know “Jason”, I can see he is our mutual friend. I am wondering if you know him from work or anywhere else. 
  • I was looking at the hiking and camping pictures. Nature is magical, isn’t it? I have also done camping three times with my friends and it was fun. Would you mind sharing your top camping and hiking spots? I am just curious. 
  • Hi there, my name is Tyler and I just could not keep myself from messaging you after looking at your photo. Just want to introduce myself because we both seem to have the same interests and hobbies. If you feel like sharing anything about yourself feel free to write to me back. 
  • I just had a look at your photos and I must say that you are very adventurous, outgoing and open-minded.  I absolutely loved the photos of restaurants and nature out there. I would like to know more about your experience there, like what people like and how the climate and culture were in general. I would love to have a message from you about your trip.


You can write a message to her and wait for her to get back to you. Do not keep sending her questions and messages because not every girl checks her inbox on Instagram, she may reply back to you whenever she is available online. If you send her more messages than what you normally should then you will paint yourself as a desperate person wanting to go out with a girl. Keep patience and wait for her to read your message.

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