Freelancer Platforms: What Do They Do And Why Use Them

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The freelance platforms are beneficial for both employers and workers as well. According to the report published by Upwork, which is a top-rated freelancing platform, approximately 80% of the large corporations want to give their work to freelancers. It is so because freelancing platforms are beneficial for us. Approximately, there is a 30% increase in demand in the work projects on the freelancing platforms.

Most corporate business owners think that these freelancing job sites are just for small businesses. But you may get surprised by knowing that the freelancing platforms are beneficial for small business owners and big corporations as well. According to the Accenture report, it can be stated that 100 Fortune 500 companies are using freelancing platforms.

Nowadays, freelancing is gaining more popularity. More and more people are finding it profitable and convenient as well. It means that companies have a wide range of choices while choosing the company.

What Do Freelancers Platforms Do?

First of all, you should know the main purpose of creating freelance platforms. Businesses that are located in different parts of the world can use freelance platforms to get connected with qualified workers temporarily. The different freelance platforms allow the workers to create different profiles, show their portfolios, and connect with the employers. 

The business owners can search the freelancers and choose one based on their skills and experience. Therefore, the companies can outsource their labor and time-consuming tasks. Consequently, they can focus on various core activities of their business. The freelancing sites are like hiring platforms where the companies can find workers temporarily.

  • Shortlist Candidates

Business owners can shortlist candidates from different parts of the world. They can interview applicants and finally choose the best fit for their project. The business owners can review the skills of the candidate, get feedback from the client, related experience, time-zone, language fluency, and various other important factors to make the right choice.

  • Track Work Time

Most freelance platforms offer a desktop app that lets the business owners track the times and output of the freelancers.

  • Communication and collaboration platform

The freelancing platforms are also communication and collaboration platforms that offer chatting tools so that the clients have direct contact with the workers and take updates from them. From these chatting tools, the clients can take clarification from the workers.

  • Quality Control

The clients have the authority to make payment only after thoroughly reviewing the work. In addition to this, the clients can define milestones and make payments after receiving satisfactory results.

  • Rate Freelancers

After getting satisfactory results, the clients can give a rating to the freelancers. By rating, you can highlight your best performers and also warm the bad ones.

Benefits of Freelancing Platforms

  • Hire Talent From Around The World

The freelancing websites for beginners reduce the distances and let the business owners easily meet the best talent around the whole world. The clients just need to post a detailed description of their post, After that, the interested freelancers will send the proposals. The client will select a few of them and finally shortlist the right one.

  • Appeal To Millennials

Nowadays, people are not fine with the boring grind of a traditional job. They want to enjoy the freedom of work at their own pace. It will help in observing a good balance between their personal and professional lives. Most developers want to show their interest in living a fulfilling and meaningful life.

The freelancing platforms allow the workers to spend only limited time at work and spend the rest of their time enjoying their life at leisure.

  • Reduce Expenditure

The business owners can be benefitted by these kinds of services because it helps to save a lot of money. Hiring full-time workers at the office are more expensive than hiring a freelancer. The business owners have to pay salary perks, rent of office space, utility bills, etc.

The freelancers are cost-effective and they can complete the assigned task at a low cost. The demand for remote work has raised the requirement for hiring freelancers.

  • Hire Talent On-Demand

You can hire talented candidates based on your needs. Once the task is completed, then you can terminate the contract. In case, the freelancer fails to submit good quality work, then you can immediately terminate the contract, and no need to pay money. It is not possible when you have hired full-time employees.

  • Work-Life Balance

The freelancers work from home and they can save their precious time. Also, they can utilize the extra time to earn extra money. Similarly, freelancers can choose to work according to their likes and dislikes. They can work at their own pace and there is no pressure on seniors.

It means you will be the owner of your business and you can easily maintain a work-life balance without any problem. Maintaining a work-life balance becomes difficult in a 9 to 5 job.

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