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Butterflies are symbolic of life, death, transformation, and love. Their metamorphosis from an ugly wriggly worm into a beautiful winged being is phenomenal. They depict change, beauty, and most importantly the journey of our soul in this vast Universe. Gifting butterfly jewelry to our loved ones can bring us close to those treasured happy moments, people cherish throughout their lives. Visit InSeasonJewelry for latest kids, babies and teen jewelry collection.

Small occasions are celebrated today with grandeur and gifting jewelry is a regular affair. So was not the case, years ago when gifting jewelry was always accompanied by a marked significant event- achievement of a bigger purpose mostly was rewarded with a power-filled piece of jewelry. Pieces of jewelry were earlier given to mark important and rare moments of life.

Butterfly designs were even famous then. In ancient times, the wings of dead butterflies were saved and then carved into fine jewelry. People used butterfly wings as talismans and considered them sacred.

The pharaohs of ancient Egypt always placed a pair of rare blue butterfly wings when worshipping Isis. They usually made a huge pendant sealing the wings in transparent coatings. It was believed that Isis could never travel from the spirit realm to the human realm without those butterfly wings.

Not only ancient Egypt but also cultures that grew around Chechen Itza and Machu Picchu seem to have believed in the butterfly wings. Even to date shamans believe in the power of butterflies and seem to be using them while trying for the departure of stuck souls on Earth.

All these stories show how important it must be to possess a butterfly or its wings. But a living butterfly cannot last long, thus its shape even can serve the purpose. Many people, therefore, believe in gifting their children a piece of butterfly jewelry in the growing-up years.

After reading all about the butterfly, are you inspired to try out a piece for that special child in your life? But before you haste, read below to know more on what piece of butterfly jewelry can be gifted to whom and when?

Gifting butterfly jewelry to the most special child in your life

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Having a fair idea of what each jewelry piece signifies is important. That way you can know when to give butterfly-shaped jewelry to your special one. You must also know the special occasions when a jewelry piece with a butterfly on it can be gifted to your most valued possession- your child.

1) Rings signify the circle of life

The moment we are born our circle of life and death begins. Every time your loved ones leap from one phase of life to another you can gift them a ring. Especially marriages are the best time to gift your child a ring with a butterfly carved on it.

Try emerald or jade studded butterflies for a long and blissful married life.

2) Necklaces signify stages of life

Gifting necklaces with beautifully carved butterflies can be the best gift for an expecting mother. If your son is getting a child you could try giving him a butterfly pendant hanging from a chain. If it’s your daughter try a beautiful necklace with tiny butterflies all around the necklace.

3) Earrings signify wisdom

Filigree designs with an engraved butterfly can be gifted to your child soon after piercing. However, you can wait for 6 months to promote the wound healing process. Earrings have always been associated with wisdom and patience. To wear an earring you have to bear the pain and pass through the process of healing. Pain and healing expand our wisdom and what could be a better gift than a pair of butterflies for earrings?

4) Nose rings depict fertility & happiness

Nose rings can be gifted to children when they are learning the process of bliss. It could thus be given to your kid for anniversaries, and birthdays.

5) Bracelets represent the essence of time

Gifting butterfly jewelry

It is no wonder why bracelets represent the essence of time. Don’t you wear your watches on your wrists too? Our wrists and the lower arm signify time and work. It’s no surprise that watches and bracelets signify the same. The best butterflies get carved on our bracelets, so try this piece of butterfly jewelry every time you want your child to remember how important time is in our life.

6) A tiara stands out for our mental growth

A tiara or a diadem represents our mental growth. The ritual of wearing headgear or a headband, even the tiara or a diadem emerges from the same belief. The greatest minds could wear those diadems in earlier times. But, now anyone can wear them if they are aiming for mental growth. Try turquoise and topaz studded butterfly-shaped tiara. Butterflies can remind us about the impermanence of life and a tiara as butterfly jewelry can be the best symbol.

7) An armband stands for strength and vigor

Mostly butterflies for an armband will not truly depict strength but rather signifies valor. After all, it takes courage to leap ahead in faith while attempting to confine yourself within the fine mesh metamorphosing- trusting all will be well in the end.

8) A waist chain represents the birth

The birth of a child is the perfect time to gift butterfly jewelry in the form of a waistband or chain. Though most people today do not use it regularly yet it can serve as a beautiful memory.

9) The anklet represents our attachments in this life

Each birthday you could gift a pair of anklets to your special kid. Try butterfly jewelry in the form of anklets and secretly wish for their metamorphosis to be beautiful.

10) Brooch pins for an everyday growth

We indeed grow like drops in the ocean and our growth is very much an everyday process. A brooch pin in the shape of a butterfly is a lovely symbol of life, strife, and death. Try giving them butterfly jewelry in the form of a brooch pin and see them win their days.

In the end, we can only say, now that you know more about the significance of each piece of jewelry go and grab your butterfly jewelry for your heartbeat. After all, your kids deserve the best from you, so go, gift them a memory today.