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Cartilage hoop earrings are an obsession, women can’t decline. They often can’t get enough of them and even end up wanting for more. But if you ever feel guilty about it, then you must know cartilage hoop earrings are just not a sensation today. Rather, they first evolved with the Minoan civilization that existed almost 3000 years back. Beautiful frescos from the island of Santorini dating back to 1600 BC depict men and women wearing cartilage hoop earrings.

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More about cartilage hoop earrings

As the name explains, cartilage hoop earrings are meant for the ear cartilage. You can either try them as part of helix piercings or you could wear them just above your earlobes. They are often lightweight and fun to carry. Wearing them is a possibility on almost all occasions- weddings, family get-togethers, parties, wild night outs, and of course they can be worn on your dates too.

Most often the size, shape, and quality of the material used for making the hoop earrings help determine their price. They can be made of gold, silver, stainless steel, high-grade titanium including the implant grade types.

Fancier varieties of cartilage hoop earrings can cost louder and more often semi-precious or precious gemstones when tagged, skyrockets their cost. But merely by asking yourself one smart question, can you know what you want. The question you must ask yourself is, “would I want the same pair on, next week?”

If the answer is no, then go for a cheap one. But, if your answer is an affirmative nod, you can then treat yourself to a pricey pair of your choice.

Key points to consider when shopping for cartilage hoop earrings


If you have made your choice as to which cartilage hoop earring you desire, then before you go for them make sure you read this article carefully. Here, we tell you what to look for when buying a pair of cartilage hoop earrings. That way, you can cross-check if you’ve covered all these points while buying them.

You must always remember that cartilage hoop earrings are piercings done on the ear cartilage rather than on the skin fold of your ear lobes. Hence, infections are a common occurrence with such kinds of piercings.

• One way to take care of your piercings is by cleaning them every night.

• Another way to ensure you’re away from infections is by removing your cartilage hoop earrings every night before you go to sleep. Wearing it all day can lead to the accumulation of dirt in the pores. When you sleep wearing them, the skin tends to rub the earrings. This can bruise your skin and the dirt in the pores can infect them in no time.

Thus, when going for cartilage hoop earrings, keep a tab on these few below-given points. If you take care of these points, you can still keep them on when you sleep at night.

Consider the material

Try something that is low in nickel and hypoallergenic for your ears. Allergies can also be a cause of recurrent infection for your cartilage piercings. Try something that is made up of any number of carats when going for gold (from 14K to 22K), sterling silver (92.5), and rhodium plated silver, or at the most go for stainless steel. Platinum and titanium are also options you could try exploring.

Take the shape of the hoop into account

Consider your body size and your occasion when choosing the hoop shape.

If you have a larger body size, and you work in some serious office setup, go for thicker cartilage hoop earrings. Try out gemstones and sparkling designs of varied shapes for a casual evening.

If you’re thinly built, you can go for medium-sized hoops for your office wear and thinner hoops for more casual occasions.

Try gemstones for an extra shimmer

If you are in favor of a gemstone try some sparkling opal, aventurine for their shimmer or the glowing labradorite for your evening outings and your dates. Go for diamonds, rubies and emeralds for more conservative settings.

Now that you know all about cartilage hoop earrings, we would like to suggest five options that can simply enhance your look in every way.

Cartilage hoop earrings that suit women the best

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1) A pair of butterfly cartilage hoop earrings with a charm dangling from it would look absolutely gorgeous. Try it out for any of your splendid evenings and you would only feel flattered with the attention they bring your way.

2) Huggie or conch cartilage hoop earrings look splendid on every occasion. If you want to go for a thick shaped cartilage hoop, instead of the ordinary designs go for the Huggie hoops. They match almost every occasion. Instead of the sparkling zircons, you could even try amethyst, citrines, and aventurines for a dash of color.

3) Tiny emerald cartilage hoop earrings can match your normal earrings for a change. Wear emerald uniformly on your ears and feel the difference for yourself. You could also use some other color uniformly for all your earrings like red rubies, blue sapphires, or even pearls for a treat.

4) Knotted silver earrings for the silvery sheen all over your face. These are again a go-getter and suit almost every single occasion you visit daily.

5) Try three double or a triple helix cartilage hoop earrings in a row or you could go for even one. The double or triple helix adds that extra zest to your facial contour. Wear one to know how they change your appearance. If you’re looking for a fresh girly look, try one of these helices for a marked change.

In the end, all we can say is, you can definitely create a new you with these suggested cartilage hoop earring patterns. But, remember all that we have discussed before you buy a pair for yourself or your loved one. Once you have grabbed all that we have discussed you can now go ahead and make the choice that makes you look not just bold but beautiful too.