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Most developed and underdeveloped countries have a major concern i.e. maintaining an overall good hygiene of the population. The more our awareness about medicine grew, more the number of diseases we became exposed to. But what was the reason behind this? Basically, we grew more casual about maintaining a good personal hygiene and became totally dependent on the medicines to keep us fit and ongoing. This is where the real problem starts When we don’t take note of our surroundings, eating habit disorders, society and home cleanliness, even at work having a bacteria free environment is important but yet we are more into increasing the thickness of our wallets rather than stepping into increasing our healthy lifespan. Name a disease and there you have at least 2 out of 6 individuals possessing it, whether you talk about obesity, typhoid, diarrhoea , cholera, diabetes, anemia, food poisoning etc., Besides these physical problems there are several mental illnesses that a person goes through because of an unhealthy lifestyle, namely lung diseases, cancer, gulf war syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and many more. Most of these are commonly seen in the teenagers because of their low immunity and high exposure to all sorts of junk.

Our experts have found the root cause of such exposure to harmful diseases, i.e. cross contamination. People tend to become exposed to such surfaces or things which are a warehouse of bacteria and viruses which lead to such diseases. The only way to get rid of such bacteria is to wash your hands after exposure to such surfaces or use a sanitizer where washing hands frequently are not possible.

Following is a List of Places, Things or Surfaces that you Need to Wash your Hands with After Exposure:

1. Soap Dispenser

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You would be surprised to know that a soap dispenser consists of the same amount of germs as much as a toilet seat does. Especially when exposed to a public facility washroom where hundred thousands of pathogens are present it is always better to look for sealed disposable soap bags which are bacteria free or better opt for your sanitizer to be less exposed to such germs.

2. Escalator Handrail


Thanks to technology for providing us with moving staircases but thanks to bacteria for not leaving our sides here also. Escalator handrails are being used every day by millions of people for their convenience but are unknown to the fact that they are being exposed to the risk of having hands contaminated with thousand variety of germs. Especially the rubber cover, when examined by our experts we found traces of food, mucus, and even poop on those handrails. The best way to save ourselves is to touch the rubber cover less often as possible.

3. Money


While you run behind money, you honestly could be running behind bacteria and viruses. Commonly exposed to exchange money shifts its owner on a regular basis becoming home to various pathogens and germs. While we love swapping our cards we really never know what kind of germs are entering back into our wallets. Coins at the very most carry the same share of germs. It is important to take precaution while handling money specially when it comes places like restraints, movie ticket counters, supermarkets etc.

4. Washing Machines


While every time you go laundry thinking you are going to get the dirt and germs off your clothes and garments, you might be getting exposed to hundred thousand of germs at a time. Washing machines are being used by many people washing off their dirty clothes, while obviously turn out to be a natural home to germs. We have a solution to deal with this problem i.e. run your washing machine an empty cycle by adding bleach to it. You can do this activity once a month, as this helps to sanitize your machine.

5. Pen


Do not go for its size for its the common reason for most sort of communicable diseases. You might use a communal pen, or borrow it from someone who could have put it in the mouth, or must have scratched some body part with it making it exposed to some kind of germs and there steps in cross contamination. It is important to carry your own pen rather than using someone’s infectious pen.

6. Gearshift


Ever wondered why F1 racers where gloves in their hands while driving, if you think just to avoid friction then nope, they do so in order to make sure they avoid direct contact with the staring wheel and gearshift and their mouth, for these places are common breeding grounds of micro-bacteria. Because usually the gearshift is manual and anything done by the use of hands ought to carry germs. Therefore it is often recommended to wash your hands before and after driving for a lot of germs die off there and then.

7. Books in the library


Books obviously are a man’s best friend but they even carry such high amounts of germs and dust particles which might cause you some sorts of allergies. In libraries people come and issue books taking home certain bacteria and in turn bringing from home some other bacteria. Such a big junction of bacteria and germs these libraries become that anyone with low immunity can be affected by any disease. It is important on the part of the library management to clean-up the book shelves, tables-chairs and floor of the libraries on a regular basis.

8. Elevators


A common carrier of diseases these elevators are. We really need to touch the surface of the buttons in order to reach our destination, and these buttons are touched by thousand other people carrying certain kinds of infection which they themselves might not be aware of and finally a crowded elevator with everyone breathing high on germs someone is for sure going to fall ill. So to avoid such a situation better go for escalators, they aren’t that clean but you are not locked up with differently smelling people.

9. Public Transport


We were taught in school that public transport is provided for the convenience of the general public and also to save the environment from various kinds of pollution’s. But no one explained the fact that these public transports are the biggest carriers of infection causing germs, pathogens, viruses and what not. Thousands of people use these public transports, some ill, some infected, some not so hygienic while some recovering from some dangerous communicable disease. So obviously these places become the breeding ground of germs. Now it is important to take necessary precautions such as covering your mouth while traveling, carrying and using a sanitizer all the time to avoid most amount of germs.

10. Animals


If you are an animal freak and can’t resist touching any of them while you see them on the road or at your friend’s place, Think twice before touching them cause you could be inviting various unknown germs and pathogens. Animals are the biggest carriers of ticks and mites which sprung up from the soil, sewage etc (warehouse of bacteria). Obviously, it is important to wash off your hands and feet properly after direct contact with any animal to avoid falling ill.

These are the 10 common areas you are being exposed to on a regular basis. You need to increase your precaution level to lead a healthy lifestyle. One important tip is to carry sanitizers along with tissues so that you can wipe off certain germs and dirt off your body. But yes it’s obviously not possible to clean yourself after every activity, so build a strong immunity for only your own body can protect you against the attack of some bacteria and viruses.