Traditional Fashion Wear of Women

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The traditional dressing for women is classical in its look and style. You can say traditional women’s dressing is a combination of vivid coloring in classic and vintage style. Women in the modern world tend to incline more towards freedom and style. Traditional clothing is still attractive for women. Traditional fashion is the embodiment of thousands of years of heritage. These dresses are incarnations of values and beliefs of a particular sense of society. Traditional dressing style is remodeled according to the changing demand of the market.  

In this article, traditional dressing still lingers around us. These dresses symbolize the culture, heritage, climatic conditions, and beliefs of a particular society. 

Salwar Kameez:

A typical and traditional subcontinent women’s clothing is Salwar Kameez. The salwar kameez is famous due to its flexibility of design and wearability. Various fabrics like cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon can be used to assemble salwar kameez. The most important thing about a salwar kameez is the variety of clothing. You can get a lot of variety like Anarkali salwar suit, Punjabi salwar kameez, Straight cut Salwar kameez, Patiala Salwar kameez and much more. 

The Salwar Kameez basically consists of three pieces, the Salwar, the Kameez, and a Chiffon dupatta. The dupatta covers the head and is drawn over the bosom parts of the women. It is the wearability of the Salwar and Kameez that make it the most accepted dressing in the subcontinent. 

 Salwar Kameez is popular throughout the subcontinent, as it is casual dressing, still matches the ethnic beliefs of the region. 

Anarkali clothing:

The Anarkali clothing is most famous in parts of Pakistan and India. You can say it is a variation of salwar and Kameez, but it is categorized as a different outfit from Salwar and Kameez. It is a long frock with a slim fitted bottom. The clothing varies in length, and various embroidery patterns are used on the frock. The common frock of the Anarkali clothing usually touches the floor, or up to the ankle length. 

Anarkali clothing is famous for women, it can bear heavy embroidery work, suited for wedding ceremonies. The full sleeves of the traditional Anarkali clothing can be cut in half or sleeveless clothing. The Anarkali Bazar of Lahore is famous all around the World. The name was given by the fantasy stories of a slave girl in love with Prince Saleem in the court of the Akbar. 

Ghagra Choli:

The Ghagra choli is a famous style of dressing in the subcontinent especially the Ghagra choli or Lehenga choli is connected to regions like Rajasthan and Gujrat. Ghagra choli is a traditional wedding dressing for women in the region. The style and fabric of the clothing varied along with the purpose of wear, Cotton lehenga is used in summer and for regular use.

Wedding Lehenga is heavily embroidered for brides, it provides them a memorable look. Lehenga is usually a combination of the tight choli for upper wearing, a Ghagra used as lower wear, and a well-furnished dupatta. People also say Ghagra is a long skirt, with well-embroidered bottom and sides.  


Sarees are one of the most famous traditional dressing of all for women in the subcontinent. The most amazing thing about the sarees is that it is a unstitched piece of clothing. The style of wrapping makes it beautiful around the waist of women. Sarees are the same, it is the style of wrapping that makes all the difference. The most common style of  Sarees is a piece of clothing wrapped around the waist and one end of the shoulder-baring midriff.

Blouse style is also important for the look of the  Sarees, it should be a match with the  Sarees. Sarees are all about your skill to wear the piece of clothing around your waist. The wedding sarees are usually red, pink, or green with vivid colors embroidery work on them.  Sarees’ history was gone actually to the prehistoric time of the subcontinent, you can say  Sarees are as old as the history of the Indian Subcontinent.

Sahara suit:

The Sahara clothing can be used with a variation. The simple style provides the independence to change the Sahara suit clothing according to your choice. The main style of Sahara clothing is tight around the thighs, the bottom part usually flares out at the bottom.  The upper portion of the Sahra short style Sahara kameez with an embroidered feature on it.

The vigilant and vivid coloring of the Sahara clothing is outstanding for the ceremonies and andifferent occasions. It is the style flare and stylishness of the dressing that makes it a traditional dress. It is graceful and absorbing for the young girls to wear the Sahara clothing. The Lower of the Sahara clothing is palazzo style in its origin. 


The comfort and wearing pattern of Angrakha are more relaxing and cozy for women due to its similarity with the salwar and kameez. The Angrakha clothing is a three-piece with the shirts up to knees, along with a churidar pajama and a dupatta. It is the wearability of the Angrakha that makes it the better choice over the complicated dressing. The frocks can be of various colors and designs.


 The clothing is breathable and airy in hot summer conditions. Women usually look stylish in Angrakha style frocks and tulip pajamas. Some variations of the evergreen clothing for all weather. Angrakha is absorbing and beautiful clothing for young girls. Angarkha can be used as casual wear and along with it is also used for ceremonies and weddings.

A subcontinent is a place, where you can see diverse nations living together having different languages, dressing, and cultures. It’s a culturally rich region, you can find a different dressing for every region and area. The cultural difference in the region is the major cause of varieties in clothing all around the region. The distinct cultural variation can be seen in the dressing as well. The Punjabi culture is different from the Pathan culture, the same goes for other regions.  This is the main reason why you find indifferent clothing designs and patterns in the region. 

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